What is a houndfish?

This fish blog will answer the major question, “What is a houndfish?” we will also discuss the feeding habits of houndfish, the behavior of houndfish, and the general features of the males and the females of houndfish.

What is a houndfish?

Houndfish is a game fish that is caught for game purposes and is sold for high prices in the market. They have long needle-like noses which is why they are also called needle-nose houndfish. They have sharp teeth which can pierce the fisherman’s skin.

What is the feeding habit of houndfish in rivers and in aquariums?

The hound fish is generally found in the deeper layer of the water in rivers and aquariums  where it is dark and they can attack their prey from a distance because of their excellent speed. They usually feed on small fishes and anchovies.

When they see prey they will jump from the dark into the light. They will follow the prey because such fishes need to find the right time to attack their prey. They will rush from a distance when they find the right opportunity and will grasp the small fish in their sharp teeth. They love to tear their prey by using their sharp teeth.

The long nose also gives this fish a unique feature for fighting with other fishes. If needle-nose houndfish found a competitor or a predator it would use its long nose to fight back which is effective in some cases but they tend to lose in some cases.

Moreover, the predatory behavior of needle-nose houndfish is the same among all the species. 

What are the general features of the males and the females of the hound fish?

Following are the general features of the males and the female of the houndfish underwater:

Males of houndfish

The first feature of the male is it is 5 feet long with a crocodile nose. They are aggressive towards other males and they release sperm in the water for the females to engulf which will fertilize the eggs leading to the babies by the females. 

Males are active and they are slightly faster than females because they are involved in hunting prey quite often than females.

Females of houndfish

Females of the houndfish are slightly smaller than the male fish of the hound. They are usually slower than the males and have babies. When they are in their gestation period they usually do not hunt at that time. They lay eggs in the water and after that, the babies are born from it.

Eggs hatch in the water and babies have soft bodies with no spines on them. There are soft rays on the body which are also seen on the body of adults. The only dangerous thing the babies have is a needle nose to kill and eat their prey. They also have teeth but they are not sharp at that time.

What is the behavior of the houndfish underwater?

The first thing is houndfish like to be in small groups also known as schools. They like to remain in the 12 to 16 feet depth of the water and like to be in the dark for hunting. They are not photophobic and can swim in light but they prefer dark instead of light.

As we know they are game fish, so they are caught by the fisherman. A threat of any kind can activate the fear signal in the needle-nose houndfish. They will swim as fast as they can and will jump out of the water and can attack the fisherman and injure the fisherman on the ground.

Houndfish do not attack large fishes but can be attacked by large fishes like large tuna fish. Large tuna fish is the actual predator of houndfish.

How can you protect yourself from houndfish while you are fishing?

Following are the techniques you should follow so you can protect yourself from the houndfish:

  • The first thing you should do is to avoid catching needle-nose houndfish.
  • If you are fishing at a place where there are a large number of needle-nose houndfish then you need to make sure that you have protective gear.
  • You should cover your face and hands with some sort of hard plastic or metal surface so that they cannot pierce the hard metal objects.
  • The next thing is to keep a distance from the river in which you are fishing.
  • The last thing is to have some sort of protective weapon by which you can protect yourself.


In this fish blog, we answered the major question, “What is a houndfish?” we also discussed the feeding habits of houndfish, the behavior of houndfish, and the general features of the males and the females of houndfish.