What is a Gomad diet?

In this article, we are going to discuss the “What is a Gomad diet?”. I will define the Gomad diet and the national facts about a gallon of milk. I will also add some of the effects of the Gomad diet on the body after stopping the diet.

What is a Gomad diet?

GOMAD diet is an acronym for a gallon of milk a day. This adds a gallon of milk a day to your food intake. The purpose of such a diet is not to lose weight or restrict yourself, this diet is intended for bulking purposes. 

It is intended for bodybuilding and weight lifters to reach a certain amount of weight. The weight to be reached is the goal weight to be reached for a duration of time from 2 to 8 weeks.

A gallon of milk contains the following: 2304 calories, 128 grams of fat, 76.8 grams of saturated fat, 396.8 milligram of cholesterol, 1676.8 grams of sodium, 192 grams of carbs, 0 grams of dietary fiber, 192 grams of sugar, and 128 grams of protein. It also provides vitamins and minerals. 

A gallon of milk contains 411% of the Daily Value of calcium, which makes it a very rich source of calcium. It provides 99% of the daily value of magnesium and 0% of the daily value of vitamin B6. It contains 213% of the daily value of the mineral cobalt, 499% of vitamin D, and 0% of iron. 

What does a gomad diet contain?

The GOMAD diet contains mostly milk, which contains no fiber content in it. Fiber is more satisfying and makes you less hungry. Drinking milk will not provide any fiber content, this will make it easier to drink the whole gallon instead of eating those calories. 

Consuming the same amount of calories is harder than having milk to drink. This means drinking 2400 calories from milk is much easier than actually consuming the calories.

The Gomad diet is so high in saturated fat. It provides 384% of the daily value from saturated fat. This is so much over your daily limit for saturated fat. 

In addition, the calcium provided by the gallon I milk is 411% of the daily value. This exceeds the daily requirement of calcium, which should be limited to 1000 milligrams a day. Excess calcium is not good for your kidney health. 

Excess calcium would make your kidneys work harder to remove the excess calcium intake. It also puts you at risk of kidney stone development. Gomad diet would cause intestinal discomfort. People with lactose intolerance can not have such a diet.  It would cause nausea or diarrhea.

This diet is also so hard to manage. Drinking a gallon of milk is hard at once, you will have to divide it throughout the whole day. This means you might have to carry the gallon with you everywhere. Not very convenient.

The gomad diet also packs a lot of sodium content. Excess sodium is not healthy for the body. Excess sodium can not be consumed by those suffering from high blood pressure or heart diseases. 

This diet fits those who are training, going to the gym, and lifting weights. It can also be good for those who are underweight and active. 

This diet is not appropriate for those who are sedentary, and those with health conditions like diabetes and heart diseases. Before you follow any diet, make sure to consult with your physician or certified health care provider.

The diet leads to some changes since it doubles the calories you take daily. You go from 2000 calories to 4000 calories each day. This will lead to an increase in your body fat to 3%, and losing body fat is hard to achieve. 

There is another effect: after stopping the Gomad diet, your appetite will increase. Drinking liquids, a gallon of milk a day, would increase the size of your stomach. So even after you stop the Gomad diet, your food consumption will increase due to the increase in your stomach size.


In this article, we discussed the “Gomad diet before and after”.I defined the Gomad diet and the national facts of a gallon of milk. I also added some of the effects of the Gomad diet on the body after stopping the diet.






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