What is a Cat wet food diet?

In this article, we are going to discuss the “cat wet food diet”. I will also talk about wet food ingredients, and which cats are the best fit for that. I will discuss some of the benefits of wet food as well, as what is recommended to feed the cat.

What is a Cat wet food diet?

Cat food is present in two forms: wet food and dry food. Dry food contains 10% of water making the other ingredients dry, while wet food contains 90% of water and the other 10% dry ingredients. The difference between these types of cat food is the moisture level it provides.

Wet cat food intake depends on the weight of the cat. It also depends on the health level of the cat and whether the cat has any health conditions.

The wet food contains a source of meat either fresh or frozen. It is mixed with multiple ingredients including another source of protein from grains. Vitamin, carbs, and water are added to it, and then it is blended. 

The pasteurization of the food is done when it is placed in the can, then it is heated up to kill all germs that would cause illnesses. While dry food is made by heating the ingredients at high temperatures to transform them into a dry version of it. 

Dry food is far more carbs-rich than wet food. Yet the proteins and other nutrients included in the food depend on the type of diet your cat is following or the nutritional labels on every brand. It differs according to the type of meat or the quality of the ingredients that are used in the can. 

Wet food is also referred to as canned food in this article.  Wet food can not be consumed by all cats, it depends on the health conditions of the cats, and whether they suffer from a medical condition that would let them limit their water intake. 

Due to the high moisture content in the wet food, it is taken for cats with kidney diseases. This is a way to prevent hydration from occurring. IV fluids are given to hydrate the cat and given enough electrolytes for normal body function.

Cats with lower urinary tract infections also require additional water intake, which is why wet food is advised for cats suffering from urinary tract infections. Water helps flush out toxins and bacteria from the body, and helps in treatment.

Cats with diabetes have increased thirst, so they need excess water. Diabetic cats need more water than regular cats. So wet food is a good option for these cats, as long as their blood sugar is balanced.

Wet food is not necessarily an option without any disadvantages. Wet food is far more expensive than dry food. It costs more than dry food. In addition, it has a very low shelf life. Meaning it does not last as much in the refrigerator after it is opened.

 Only lasting a day in the refrigerator which makes your pet not likely to eat the whole can in a day. Plus it requires an adequate storage option.  Wet food is more likely to be contaminated with pathogens if left without a proper temperature storage option.

Wet food is also appropriate for cats with teeth issues. Old cats have teeth problems that alter their ability to eat food. Dry food is hard to chew for old cats who have teeth problems or those missing teeth. In this case, wet food is a great option as food.

Moderation is the key to feeding your cat, it provides dry and wet food for your cat. Including both wet and dry food is beneficial for the cat. Because dry food alone does not provide any water content in it. While wet food provides water and hydration for your cat.

It is better to avoid feeding your cat any home-cooked food. Unless the vet specifies which food to include in your cat’s diet, and which food to avoid. You should stick to feeding your cat the appropriate food for their health and condition. Each cat is different and requires different types of food appropriate for it.


In this article, we discussed “the cat wet food diet”.I also talked about wet food ingredients, and which cats are the best fit for that. I discussed some of the benefits of wet food as well, as what is recommended to feed the cat.




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