What is a Brat diet for dogs?

In this article, we are going to discuss the topic “Brat diet for dogs”. I will also discuss some food that can be tolerated for dogs with an upset stomach, as well as the way the food should be cooked and seasoned. I will also add the food included in the brat diet.

What is a Brat diet for dogs?

The brat diet is an acronym, each letter names one food allowed on that diet. B stands for bananas, and R stands for rice ( it can be replaced by boiling chicken or Turkey). A stands for apples or applesauce, and T stands for toast, plain toast. 

The diet is low in fiber content. Fiber consumption increases diarrhea. Fiber is used for constipation. The diet reduces the amount of stool reduced, it is used as a diet to reduce upset stomach for people with diarrhea. The food is tolerated by an upset stomach and will not upset it, due to the lack of seasoning in the food included.

It is best to ask your vet for advice. It is advised to stop all food for at least 24 hours. The vet would provide the necessary hydration for your dog first and foremost. The brat diet is bland and can be used to relieve the symptoms of diarrhea that your dog has. 

Chicken and rice are two ingredients in many dog foods, feeding your dog is a food that can be tolerated by their stomach. It is better to use white rice instead of any type of rice like brown rice. 

White rice is best tolerated for the upset stomach, it is best not to add any butter or oil to the rice. Just simple boiling rice is the best option. For chicken, it is best to boil it and cook it well. Chicken should be cut into smaller bits for the dogs, smaller bites are better for dogs than big chunks of chicken. Big chunks of chicken would choke on these big chunks of chicken.

Dogs who suffer from diarrhea can have shredded chicken. The chicken should not be seasoned with any herbs or spices. Chicken provides protein to the dog and can be a portion of good food for them.

A soup can be used as another food for the dog with diarrhea. Soup made with bone broth provides essential hydration to those dogs losing so many fluids due to diarrhea. Get bones and cover them in an adequate amount of water at least 3 inches of water. Bones are boiled and cooked for at least a day. 

Dogs can not tolerate hot food or soup, so it is better to cool down the broth before giving it to your dog. The soup is cooled for 2 to 3 hours in the fridge. Dogs can enjoy the bone broth soup and provided them with fluids. 

However, it is crucial to be careful with the bones in the soup. Bones in the bone broth soup provide a choking hazard for your dog. You should filter the bone broth soup. The filtering prevents all big bones and even smaller chunks of bones and will prevent the dogs from choking on those chunks of bones.

This diet is used for people with diarrhea for humans since the food it includes will resolve diarrhea, or may make it less severe. These foods are known not to increase diarrhea or its severity. 

Diarrhea is defined as loose watery stools, it is frequent stool. Diarrhea could last for a few days and can be accompanied by vomiting, abdominal pain, nausea, or weight loss. Diarrhea can be serious as it can cause dehydration due to the loss of water and electrolytes.

 It is dangerous if left untreated, and fluid replacement when you have diarrhea is crucial. Extreme dehydration would cause low blood pressure and fainting. That is why it is especially important to treat dehydration when you have diarrhea. Diarrhea would cause even more fluid loss, this applies to your dog as well. 


In this article, we discussed the topic “Brat diet for dogs”.I also discussed some food that can be tolerated for dogs with an upset stomach, as well as the way the food should be cooked and seasoned. I also added the food included on the brat diet.




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