What is a baby fish called?

If you are looking for an answer to “What is a baby fish called?” We will discuss why they are called so, what the group of fish is called, and how they survive the predators and the food they eat. 

What is a baby fish called?

Baby fish is called Fry. It is a term that refers to the name of all newborn fish. When they grow a little more, they are referred to as fingerlings, then grow into juvenile fish once they reach adulthood. 

Regarding fish, certain terminologies are used to describe them, including “fingerlings, minnows, juveniles”.

Why is the baby fish called Fry?

The term fry is derived from the old English word “fricgean”, which translates as “to eat”. This term is appropriate for young fish in aquatic environments where survival is complex, and their predators or parents often eat them since they are not strong swimmers. 

These fish don’t have mouth parts at birth, which are usually small with a size of 5 millimetres but develop with time and use them often to breathe. 

What is the group of fish called?

There is no appropriate term for the fish group, but they are often called “shoals” or “school” because of their ability to reproduce and interact with the adults in their surroundings. 

These terms are given to the fish that are either juvenile or not.

What is the life cycle of baby fish?

The lifecycle of the baby fish starts with the egg laying by the female fish, who releases her eggs through the spawning process. These eggs are then fertilized by the male sperm, which sprays its sperm over the eggs.

Some eggs that the female releases don’t reach maturity and some that achieve maturity are not fertilized by the males. Fertilized eggs are then converted to larvae with their yolk to feed the developing embryo. 

The larva hatch to fry, and the baby fish, goes out into the wild to search for its food, which converts to juvenile and matures to male or female and repeats the cycle.

How do baby fish survive in the wild?

Baby fish called Fry is born in an aquatic environment full of predators, and there is a high chance of these Fry becoming prey. These little fish protect themselves by hiding in sites where adults can’t follow them or swimming in groups.

The Fry hid in locations where the adults couldn’t follow them. They also have a certain instinct to avoid areas with predators and seek refuge in areas where they can’t be seen or followed.

Also, baby fish swim in groups making it difficult for the predators to hit or prey on any single fish. This way, these baby fish avoid being preyed on and travel large distances despite being slow swimmers.

Another interesting instinct that the Fry uses to avoid predators is to change their colours and hide from the sight of their predators. Baby fish or Fry are sensitive to environmental cues and react to them by changing their colours, so they warn others of their presence or any predators in their surroundings.

What challenges do baby fish face?

There is quite a list of challenges for baby fish after emerging from their eggs. First and foremost on the list is finding their food. For baby fish, finding food is challenging, primarily when they are being hunted and preyed upon by predators in their vicinity.

Other than finding food, there is the issue of the environment because they might have to move to new water locations when the water becomes too hot or cold for them to survive. In short, there is a list of small and nominal challenges that baby fish has to face before becoming adults. 

What do baby fish generally eat?

Baby fish diet is mostly the tiny organisms present in their vicinity and surroundings. These organisms are mostly phytoplankton and zooplankton, including crustaceans and insect larvae. 

This food is available to them in the early summer when the natural food chain begins in shallow lakes and ponds. 

Other than these naturally available food for the fish, if you own a pet fish for yourself and an unsure which food to feed them, then you can use Northfin Fish Food Fry Starter. There are other brands available from which you can use as well. 


In this blog, we discussed “What baby fish is called”. We also focused why they are called so, what the group of fish is called, and how they survive the predators and the food they eat. 


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