What happens when you eat too much spicy food?

In this brief guide, we will answer the query, “What happens when you eat too much spicy food?”. We will also talk about the health benefits of eating spicy food and the negative effects on health from eating too much spicy food.

What happens when you eat too much spicy food?

Eating too much spicy food has many beneficial health impacts such as weight loss, boosting energy and metabolism, and much more. Adding chili to the diet to increase the spicy quotient has its positives too.

The chillies and peppers have a chemical compound known as capsaicin which is responsible for the spicy taste. Capsaicin has many health benefits if added to the diet on a daily basis whilst in moderation as too much of anything is not good.

Aids in weight loss 

If you are a spicy food lover and devour the hot and spicy chilli chicken or simply bite on the raw chilies with food then you are in luck as eating chillies can help in weight loss and maintain weight.

It is due to the chemical compound capsaicin which has been proven to aid in weight loss and help maintain weight loss. It also helps stimulate the metabolism of the body which also helps in weight loss as the higher the metabolism, the quicker the calories burn to help in weight loss.

Help in pain relief 

It does sound not right if someone tells you that eating chillies or spicy food can help relieve pain, but it is true. The capsaicin compounds target the chemical known as the P substance in the brain, which plays a role in the pain the body feels from injuries.

By targeting the P substance, capsaicin decreases the amount of pain inflicted by injuries.

Prevet peptic ulcers 

Many people believe that eating too much spicy food can cause ulcers which is a misconception as eating spicy food or chillies has nothing to do with ulcers. They actually help release stomach acids and the mucus lining f the inside of the digestive tract to avoid ulcers.

Capsaicin has been considered the medication to prevent ulcers in people who are on non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications.

Boosts immunity 

Eating spicy foods is known to be an immune booster as the antioxidants present in chillies can help protect the body against bacteria and microbes that enter the system to make you sick.

There are certain compounds present in chillies ad spices that are beneficial to ward off unwanted pathogens and bacteria that can cause various health disorders.

Fights cancer 

The spices used in making spicy foods have a lot of health benefits, and one of them is it helps fight cancerous cells in the system, the capsaicin chemical compound found in chillies is said to have anti-cancerous properties.

In some research and studies, it has been found that, especially in prostate cancer, capsaicin managed to destroy 80% of the damaged cancerous cells without harming the healthy, normal cells. It is safe to say that capsaicin blocks the cancer cells to multiply and grow and destroys them.

Increases longevity 

It has been proven that people who consumed spicy food regularly live a longer and healthy life than people who do not eat spicy food. The fact that there are so many health benefits of eating spicy food automatically helps in the healthy well-being of the person eating spicy food.

Reduces sugar intake 

Eating spicy foods gives the person a feeling of satisfaction and a sort of happy feeling after a hot and spicy meal. This makes the person not crave any other sweet and sugary food items. The sugar cravings decrease exponentially which is beneficial for health as consuming excess processed sugar has many negative impacts on health such as diabetes and heart diseases.

What are the negative effects of eating too much spicy food? 

Eating spicy foods can have much more intense negative effects on some people while some can experience milder symptoms.

Laxative effect 

Eating spicy food can lead up to diarrhoea, nausea and upset stomach to name a few gastro-related ailments. Capsaicin that is found in the chillies can cause irritation in the lining of the stomach. Abdominal pain and burning diarrhoea are the main effects of eating too many chillies.

Acid reflux 

Consuming chillies can cause acid reflux in many people as the acid formed due to eating chillies can move back into the oesophagus causing heartburn. It is advised if you are experiencing heartburn and acid reflux then it is best to cut off chillies from the diet.


In this brief guide, we answered the question, “What happens when you eat too much spicy food?”. We also talked about the health benefits of eating spicy food and the negative effects on health from eating too much spicy food.

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