What happens if you swallow a metal soda can tab?

In this short article, we will provide an answer to the question “What happens if you swallow a metal soda can tab?” and the information on metal toxicity. Moreover, we will also talk about the link between metal and cancer in humans.

What happens if you swallow a metal soda can tab?

Any foreign object, made of metal that is swallowed, no matter how big or small it is, could potentially cause bleeding in the intestines. Surgical intervention is sometimes necessary.

Manufacturers began installing stay-tabs on beverage cans around three decades ago after studies revealed that children were ingesting enormous quantities of pull-tabs. Children who ingested pull-tabs that were placed in cans in a research study had two occurrences of unintentional ingestion and one case of aspiration.

When Is It Appropriate to Seek Assistance?

The tab may get lodged in your lungs if you swallow a can tab and have difficulty breathing. X-rays will be obtained, and your doctor will select the most efficient method of removing the foreign object from your body. Medical attention should be sought immediately if you have stomach pain after consuming the can tab, as it may have become lodged in your digestive system.

It’s possible to get poisoned by metal. How?

If you swallow a piece of metal, 90% of the time, it will travel through your system on its own. Also, the acidity in our digestive tracts is sufficient to dissolve even the tiniest bits of metal. As soon as a day following the event, any parts that have not been disintegrated will pass through.

Who knows what could happen to someone who swallowed an entire quarter.

If the coin has been swallowed and is now in the stomach, it should be eliminated from the body in 2 to 4 days at the most. When a coin gets lodged, it might cause stomach or chest pain, vomiting, drooling, and difficulty swallowing.

When do You Need the Help of a Professional in Certain Situations?

If a battery, magnet, or anything larger than a quarter is ingested by a kid, he/she should be taken to the nearest emergency hospital even if the youngster does not appear ill. Broken safety pins and glass fragments are also dangerous for children, so be sure to keep a close eye on them. Sometimes, sharp items can injure the throat, stomach, or intestines.

Your doctor should be consulted if your child has eaten an object the size of a quarter and is not showing any symptoms of illness. It may be possible to wait and see how the food moves through your digestive system before making a decision. Doctors may need to be called if you haven’t found the object in the toilet or your child’s diaper after 24 to 48 hours or if your child is showing signs of a stuck object in his or her system.

Can a coin be pooped out?

80% to 90% of the time, a coin or a small penny will pass on its own, causing no damage because it is spherical and has soft edges, and ultimately comes out with a stomper. Within a day or two, the coin is evacuated after passing through the digestive system. However, it is essential to maintain a close eye on your youngster at all times.

Is there a link between heavy metals and cancer?

Some heavy metals have been shown to cause cancer. For example, apoptosis, cell cycle regulation, DNA repair, methylation of DNA, cell proliferation, and differentiation are all targets of heavy metals. Because of this, heavy metals have the potential to cause cancer by interacting with specific proteins in the body.

 It has also been shown that the carcinogenic effects of some heavy metals can be linked to the redox-sensitive transcription factors such as the activation of transcription factors such as p53 through electron recycling by the antioxidant network. Apoptosis, cell growth arrest, DNA repair, and the immune system’s strength are all controlled by these transcription factors. Carcinogenic metals may cause cell proliferation or death by activating specific transcription factors in the cell.


In this short article, we provided an answer to the question “What happens if you swallow a metal soda can tab?” and the information on metal toxicity. Moreover, we also talked about the link between metal and cancer in humans.



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