What happens if you eat weed?

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “what happens if you eat weed?” We will also discuss the health risks of consuming too much weed and the therapeutic effects of weed.

What happens if you eat weed?

Eating heated weed can make you high but raw weed does not have much effect. Weed contains ingredients such as cannabidiol, delta -9 tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabigerol. These ingredients are manifested when weed goes through a process of decarboxylation which occurs when it is smoked.

When you eat it raw, the effects may not be visible compared to when it is smoked. You cannot easily get high when you consume weed raw. This is why scientists use the medicinal property of weed while people smoke it to make them high.

The ingredients listed above are present in raw weed. But when weed is exposed to baking, smoked or heated, these compounds are activated in the process. The three ingredients are therapeutic when weed is consumed raw.

What are the therapeutic effects of raw weed?

Researchers have proven that raw weed helps in protecting brain cells. The neuroinflammatory diseases in the brain can be reduced with time as you consume raw weed.  Raw weed can also help in controlling neurodegenerative diseases.

Inhibition of tumor necrosis. Researchers have shown that unheated weed can inhibit necrosis. The three ingredients help in improving immunity by inhibiting alpha cells.

Antinausea effects. Raw weed is effective in reducing vomiting and nausea. This is because of the cannabidiol acid in raw weed.

What are the risks of eating too much weed?

Testicular cancer 

If you consume weed more than 40 times in your lifespan, you tend to increase the risks of getting testicular cancer. Weeds affect the testicles because of their active ingredients which disrupt signals of body hormones. 

Memory loss

Smokers are at more risk of losing memory because the active weed’s ingredients affect memory formation in the hippocampus. This evidence is demonstrated in animals.

In rats, weed impared their cognitive ability due to a change in the functional and structural makeup of the hippocampus. Weeds consumed with time can cause loss of the neurons therefore new information becomes hard to be registered by the hippocampus. 

Gum disease

Weed causes recession of the gums leading to white gray lesions, gingivitis, infections, and swelling of the gums with time. You might lose bone or tooth due to gum recession. 

This exposes you to more mouth infections since weed inhibits antibodies from being activated. Eating too much weed increases the risk of oral cancer. To prevent gum issues, it is best to brush your teeth after eating or smoking weed and maintain oral hygiene

Impaired judgment

Eating weed might affect how you assess risks and how you make decisions. This is because weed disrupts the normal communication of neurotransmitters. 

Other effects 

Moreover, eating weed might have a negative interaction with medications such as antidepressants and blood thinners. People who take diabetes medicines should stay away from edibles. Weed can also be used in cookies and other baked foods and this might expose children to the effects.

The neuro receptors react to the three ingredients in the weed. They can make you feel high depending on the reaction time. This is why one is advised to not drive after smoking even if the effects have not kicked in. For some, it might take some time.

You should also not carry heavy machinery, or do heavy manual work after smoking. Dopamine hormone is released when you consume weed making you feel pleasure. Weed can also affect the way your eyes view light, or even affect your emotions and even loud sounds.

After consuming raw weed, you might feel increased appetite, relaxed, elated, and might feel talkative.

Overconsumption of weed has also proved to cause confusion, hallucination, sedation, and even paranoid delusions. In case you want to buy weed products, it is best to find a licensed dispensary.

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In this brief guide, we have answered the question,” what happens if you eat weed?” We have also discussed the health risks of eating too much weed and the therapeutic effects of weed.

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