What happens if you eat solid food after gastric sleeve?

In this brief guide, we will address the query, “What happens if you eat solid food after a gastric sleeve”. We will also discuss when can you eat solid food after a gastric sleeve and what type of food should you eat after gastric sleeve surgery

What happens if you eat solid food after a gastric sleeve?

 If you eat solid food after gastric sleeve, one of the following results will happen:

  • the success rate of gastric sleeve surgery will decrease
  •  you will expose yourself to serious health problems
  • you will not lose weight safely after the surgery
  • you may gain weight

The reason is that after a gastric sleeve, your stomach will be so weak and unable to start solid food directly after the surgery. So you should always follow a specific nutrition program and not introduce solid foods to your diet at least 3 months after the surgery based on your condition.

The nutrition program determines the success level of your gastric sleeve, so several changes should be made to your eating habits under medical supervision.

 Based on this fact, you should follow exactly the diet your doctor gives regarding the types of allowed food and the quantity that you can eat at each meal since the diet of each person is different 

When can you eat solid food after a gastric sleeve?

The transitional phase from liquid to solid food varies according to each patient, so you should always follow your doctor’s instructions precisely.

However, it is estimated that on average you can eat all solid food after about  2 months of the gastric sleeve as long as you chew them well.

Eating solid food after gastric sleeve requires passing through a transitional purified phase by making soft foods of red meat, raw vegetables, and fruits without eating sugar, sweets, and high-fat foods such as fried and fast food. 

This food will help  your body to gradually be accustomed and readjusted to eating solid foods, besides it is important to follow these steps to restore the habit of eating solid foods:

  • Cut your food into small bite-sized portions
  •  Grind and chew your food bites well before swallowing them
  • Eat several meals as directed by your doctor or registered dietician which is about 4-6 meals daily with a resting period 2-3 hours apart.
  • consume 40 – 64 oz of water on a daily basis
  • DO NOT drink during eating your meals but wait instead about 30 minutes

What type of food should you eat after gastric sleeve surgery?

After gastric sleeve surgery, it is important not to rush into eating solid foods to allow your stomach to recover by consuming liquid nutrition or even using the nasogastric probe method if necessary.

The liquid nutrition phase usually takes about 1 month, during this period you will get used to your new stomach size and capacity and your stomach will undergo a process of self-recovery. 

This process has no fixed duration and usually takes between 3-4 months according to the patient’s condition before being able to transform into the solid food stage.

During the liquid nutrition phase, you are supposed to eat special types of protein shakes or powders with soluble vitamins. These nutrients can be easily dissolved in the water and absorbed by your body to support its recovery.

We all know the importance of proteins as the essential building block of muscles and other body components. But since you are unable to consume animal-based protein by eating a piece of meat after 3-4 months of the gastric sleeve.

This type of nourishment is very important after gastric sleeve surgery to avoid the breakage of proteins at this critical phase which eventually leads to weight loss, thus it will help your body get the proper nourishment for its recovery before starting to eat solid food.

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In this brief guide, we have addressed the query, “What happens if you eat solid food after a gastric sleeve?” We have also discussed when you can eat solid food after a gastric sleeve and what type of food you should eat after gastric sleeve surgery.

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