What does the Starbucks logo mean? 

In this brief article, we are going to answer the question “what does the Starbucks logo mean?”. We will discuss a change to the Starbucks logo. In the end, we will understand how popular the Starbucks logo is.

What does the Starbucks logo mean? 

Starbucks logo means being kind to people and the environment. A mysterious figure is known as Siren. 

Starbucks is often recognized for establishing the “second wave coffee” business strategy. There were very few chains that sold coffee as their main item prior to Starbucks. 

Plenty of restaurants offered coffee, but it was just another item on the menu, not the major emphasis of the business. In most instances, these coffee products contained basic ingredients and were more like a pot of coffee you would prepare at home than a Starbucks coffee today.

Starbucks noticed a need for a coffee-focused franchise that provided a broad choice of coffees. Today, “third-wave coffee” is starting to see significant success. 

The majority of “third wave coffee” shops are independently owned small enterprises rather than national chains, and their emphasis is primarily on fine, handcrafted coffees. 

Despite this, Starbucks continues to utilize automated machines to create its coffee since they are more efficient and protect employees from potential hazards. 

Yet, despite the rising popularity of locally owned coffee shops that serve handcrafted coffees, Starbucks was the first chain to utilize the “second wave coffee” model, allowing them to immediately experience huge success in the business.

How about a change to the Starbucks logo?

The Seattle-based coffee chain’s founders recognized early on the need for a memorable emblem for their business. They combed through ancient nautical publications until they came upon a 16th-century Norse image of a two-tailed siren, which they felt encapsulated both the maritime history of coffee and Seattle’s own strong connection to the sea. 

This picture became the basis for the original Starbucks logo. The logo has developed with the corporation throughout the years, but the two-tailed siren has remained the focal point.

Surprisingly, the siren has attracted some criticism due to its unpleasant comparisons. The siren is a monster from Greek mythology. Some people believe that Starbucks selected the logo because it represents fixation, addiction, and entrapment. 

This isn’t such a far-fetched hypothesis when you consider how hopelessly devoted so many people are to their beloved Starbucks coffee, which is why it’s one of the more plausible explanations. However, the Starbucks logo continues to be a very well-known emblem and a key factor in the company’s success on a global scale.

Design of logo 

The Starbucks logo has seen a few alterations throughout the years, but it has remained mostly intact. 

The current logo has a two-tailed black and white siren with stars on her head, enclosed by a green circle with the words “Starbucks Coffee” printed within it. It is a very easy-to-recognize logo that people can recognize without even looking at it closely.

How popular is the Starbucks logo?

The Starbucks logo dispute has gained the company a lot of recognition and attention. Despite criticism, the Starbucks logo is popular in different forms. It is on most of the chain’s four million daily coffee mugs. 

Towering signage with only the company emblem on them may successfully promote a store’s location and attract potential consumers. Best of all for the business, the Starbucks logo soon gained notoriety as a status symbol. 

A Crash Course in American Culture People used to sometimes take their empty Starbucks cups about to flaunt their taste and financial level, according to a narrative from Starbucks

They wanted everyone to witness them holding the cup. Users helped Starbucks turn the cup into a symbol for someone with taste, class, and disposable income to squander on coffee.

As a result of the positive connotations associated with the Starbucks brand and its coffee, the company’s iconic coffee cup and emblem started to appear in media across all mediums. 

All of these favorable connotations and occurrences in popular culture are evidence of the influence that a strong logo can have, particularly when used in conjunction with an effective marketing strategy. 

The Starbucks logo has a long history of success, making it an excellent model for new businesses to follow when selecting their own business logos.


In this brief article, we answered the question “what does the Starbucks logo mean?”. We discussed a change to the Starbucks logo. In the end, we understood how popular the Starbucks logo is.



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