What does dog meat taste like? 

Dog meat has been consumed in several countries around the globe and it has made its mark in many cuisines. In this article, we will cover the concern “What does dog meat taste like?”, its characteristics, its comparison to other meat types, etc.   

What does dog meat taste like? 

Dog meat is tasty red meat, extremely fragrant, and quite fatty. If you take beef and mutton in a serving and add extra meaty flavors, you’ll get the taste of dog meat. It contains some lingering tastes of venison and blends well with galangal to produce a charcoal flavor. 

The flavor of dog meat depends on the factors like a dog’s diet, the conditions in which a dog was raised, and of course the cooking methods used in its preparation. Adding extra ingredients like spices or thyme can help improve its flavor. 

The meat taste is affected by the adrenaline rush in that animal. Some cultures purposely trigger adrenaline in the meat for specific bitterness. But some avoid this adrenaline rush so that meat is less bitter. In short, dog meat doesn’t have an absolute description.

Does dog meat taste similar to beef? 

The comparison of dog meat to beef is heavily based on many factors. Beef has a bland taste when prepared without any flavoring. However, adding flavors to it can improve beef’s flavor. Similar is the case for dog meat.

According to the people who have consumed both beef and dog meat, dog meat has a more tender taste and dense fat concentration than beef. The specific flavor of dog meat is attributed to this extra fat and makes dog meat easier to enjoy. However, dog meat has a more enticing fragrance as compared to beef. 

Does dog breed affect the taste of their meat? 

Different breeds of cattle, sheep, goats, and chicken have different tastes and similar is the case for dog meat. Different breeds of dogs reside in different conditions around the world and these environmental conditions affect the meat taste and quality to a greater extent. 

The other contributing factor to the meat taste is the fat content of dog meat. Dog breeds in snowy regions have adapted to cold weather by accumulating fat in large quantities. As compared to dog breeds in tropical regions, dogs in snowy regions have high-fat content. 

Which cultures consume dog meat? 

The cultures that still consume dog meat are listed below: 


The consumption of dog meat in China started when a Chinese emperor started eating it with turtle shells. Soon it became a part of everyone’s staple. In the city of Yulin, in June, thousands of dogs are slaughtered for meat purposes. They believe that dog meat keeps you warmer.

South Korea

Dog meat is consumed throughout the year in South Korea but mostly during summer days. The dog meat business rakes in a whopping 2 billion dollars yearly. They think dog meat will help them to beat the summer heat. 


You can bet on eating dog meat at any time of the year in Vietnam. Stray dogs are collected for consumption. There’s a high demand for dog meat. They will make stews, barbecue, and many more. 

Some parts of Africa 

Dog meat has been consumed in some parts of Africa like Ghana, Nigeria, Cameroon, and the democratic republic of Congo. Most of the regions started consuming dog meat when they couldn’t afford meals. 

French Polynesia

The people of islands like Tahiti, and French Polynesia, have been consuming dog meat for a long time. There’s not enough meat today on that island, and people are bound to sell dog meat. 


There’s one of the standard practices to eat dog meat in the alpine regions of Switzerland. However, they prefer meat from a dog breed named Rottweiler dog. If you’re in the Rhine valley of Switzerland, you’re gonna consume a lot of dog meat. 


Dog meat consumption is not as common as it’s in all other places discussed above, but they do have restaurants that are focused solely on serving dog meat. So you’ll have just a few Japanese consuming dog meat but not a vast majority. 

How can you cook dog meat? 

The method to cook dog meat always depends on where you’re. Different parts of the world like to cook dog meat in their specific way. However, the easiest method to this date is using the barbecuing method. This method doesn’t alter the dog meat taste but adds some smoky flavor. 

There have been different methods to cook dog meat in Vietnam like steaming, grilling, stewing, or frying it in lemongrass with chili. It means you can cook dog meat according to your ease and requirements. 


Today, we covered the article “What does dog meat taste like?”, its characteristics, its comparison to other meat types, etc. From the above discussion, it’s concluded that dog meat has a sweet, fatty, extremely fragrant, and red meat taste. 



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