What do tigers eat in the wild?

In this brief article, we are going to answer the question “what do tigers eat in the wild?”. We will discuss how much food tigers eat, how frequently tigers eat, and when and how tigers typically hunt. In the end, we will understand how often tigers hunt.

What do tigers eat in the wild? 

Tigers eat a wide range of animals, from tiny termites to elephant calves. Tigers typically consume mid to large-sized animals in the wild, however, they may sometimes consume much smaller prey. 

While the specific species they seek out to kill might vary from region to region, they generally like hunting large animals.

They often consume wild boars, deer, elk, buffalo, and cattle in addition to domestic animals including cows, goats, and donkeys. In addition to that, tigers will hunt and capture monkeys, pigs, rabbits, and ground-dwelling birds if they get the chance.

They have been known to turn to even smaller species like crabs, lizards, toads, and fish if bigger animals are not accessible. 

Tigers hunt on other predators including leopards, wolves, bears, and crocodiles in addition to killing enormous adult bison. They have also been known to consume young, defenseless elephants and rhino calves.

How much food do tigers eat?

Male tigers are bigger and heavier than females, weighing 65 to 300 kg. Because of the scarcity of food, tigers would gorge themselves on up to 50 kg in a single meal before going without food for many days. 

Similar to how they could devour a tiny rabbit or bird on the spur of the moment while waiting for bigger prey to emerge.

The tigers often devour 150 kg of meat every month, however, this varies depending on how well they hunt.

How frequently do tigers eat?

Tigers only hunt their prey about once every 20 times they try, so they often don’t eat for several days. When they finally get their prey, they kill it, drag it somewhere secure, and gorge themselves until they are unable to move.

Once satisfied, they may abstain from hunting or killing for a few days, sometimes, they might even go back to the same corpse to regorge on the flesh. Tigers like to eat animals that they have killed themselves, but when food is scarce, they will also eat dead animals and steal food from other carnivores.

It is estimated that tigers kill roughly 52 big animals every year, with adults occasionally going without food for as long as two weeks.

When and how do tigers typically hunt?

Tigers are solitary and self-sufficient creatures who prefer to go on hunts alone or with a small group of other individuals rather than in a couple or pack. They stalk, ambush, and hunt animals using strength, speed, and stealth.

Tigers usually stalk their prey in silence, hiding in dense vegetation until the ideal opportunity presents itself to pounce. 

After getting within striking distance of their prey, tigers often fling themselves to the side of their prey in order to give their prey less time to react and get away.

Once the tiger has pounced on its victim, it uses its sharp claws to get control of the animal’s neck, back, or shoulders while it tries to kill it as fast as possible by locking its mouth around the animal’s throat. 

They often sit about for long periods of time waiting for the right chance to present themselves. Tigers can run at rates of up to 60 kilometers per hour. Due to their big size and fast wear, tigers must save their energy for successful hunts later on.

How often do tigers hunt?

Although tigers are mostly diurnal, it is believed that they hunt primarily at night or when the sun begins to set. Their camouflaged striped bodies let them hide in the shadows until it’s too late for their meal to escape.

Tigers can hunt and ambush prey in the dark because they have superb eyesight and night vision. The tiger rests and grooms itself during the day, so they are more active at night when. 

Because they are most active at night, they are better able to avoid possible conflicts with humans in locations where they may come into contact with people.

On chilly or overcast days, when cubs are learning from their moms how to pursue, hunt, and kill their prey, the ideal hunting circumstances may be found. While female tigers live and hunt inside their own area, males often infringe on the territory of other tigers.


In this brief article, we answered the question “what do tigers eat in the wild?”. We discussed how much food tigers eat, how frequently tigers eat, and when and how tigers typically hunt. In the end, we understood how often tigers hunt.




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