What do starfish eat? 

In this brief article, we are going to answer the question “what do starfish eat?”. We will discuss how starfish consume food and what foods ocean starfish eat. In the end, we will understand What aquarium starfish eat.

What do starfish eat? 

Starfish eat clams, worms, crustaceans, and other tiny animals that are present in the substrate and these are the main sources of their food.

The meals of starfish, however, consist of algae and debris, whereas those of other species solely consume coral polyps.

Some types of starfish do consume algae. Some species of starfish eat algae as well as other forms of aquatic flora.

For example, the chocolate chip starfish, a type of starfish, eats algae by dumping its stomach on it and digesting it. It’s not only brittle stars eating algae.

How do starfish consume food?

In order to digest their prey from the outside, they devour and digest their meal by a process known as eversion in which their stomach is forced out through their mouth.

Starfish will use their tube feet to search for food when it is located. When opening a clam, they utilize their arms. Once a starfish can reach its prey, it will use its tube feet to draw it close to its mouth.

After that, their translucent stomach is expelled from the rest of their body via their mouth. As soon as the prey is wrapped within the animal’s stomach, the digestive juices start disintegrating.

After the meal has been entirely digested, which might take many hours, the starfish retracts its stomach back within its body.

What foods do ocean starfish eat?

Starfish live in all four seas, thus their diets are varied. Their diet is influenced by where they live and the kinds of prey that are available there. Both main and secondary consumers are starfish.

As a result, they could consume phytoplankton, algae, or other tiny animals. Starfish are more likely to attack defenseless victims than they are to attack more powerful opponents.

Shellfish, such as clams, mussels, oysters, and others, is a common diet for many starfish. In actuality, they have a variety of shell-opening adaptations. Long arms allow the starfish to break open clamshells and remove hermit crab shells.

Shrimp, crabs, sea urchins, and other crustaceans may also be eaten by larger starfish. The stomach acid of the starfish rapidly dissolves their exoskeletons.

Those too tiny to consume moving crustaceans utilize their tube feet to access the flesh inside stationary crustaceans. Any kind of snail that is sufficiently tiny to enter inside the stomach of a starfish will be consumed.

Fewer predator Starfish hunt benthic worms like bristle worms. Additionally, they’ll eat algae-dwelling crustaceans, which are small and bug-like in appearance.

Many non-predatory species, especially those of a smaller size, will actively seek algae and have a strong preference for phytoplankton.

Starfish is one of the first creatures to arrive at the scene of a dead animal that has sunk to the ocean floor and begins cleaning up the carcass of the deceased animal.

The majority of starfish, with a few notable exceptions, do not have any specialized feeding habits. A good number of them are going to consume each of these different kinds of meals.

What do aquarium starfish eat?

Finding the appropriate food for your starfish to eat will be dependent on the kind of starfish that you have. Some, like the Red Fromia, have very specific diets that are hard to imitate in an aquarium.

Many medium- to large-sized starfish like to feed on clams, mussels, scallops, and oysters. Particularly appreciative of their efforts will be Linckias and Chocolate Chips.

Other worms, such as bristle worms, tubeworms, and others, are also excellent alternatives. The natural food supply in an aquarium is very abundant.

Because starfish are often active at night, the evening is the best time to provide them with food. It will only be necessary to provide food for them once every two to four days. For predators, lay tiny live prey in front of or alongside your Starfish and wait.

If they don’t consume the prey right away, they aren’t hungry enough yet. In contrast, if they instantly devour the prey, you should keep giving them additional food until they stop.

Just make sure to take the food out of the tank if the Star isn’t ready to eat yet, and never leave food in the tank that hasn’t been eaten.


In this brief article, we answered the question “what do starfish eat?”. We discussed how starfish consume food and what foods ocean starfish eat. In the end, we understood What aquarium starfish eat.



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