What do roosters eat?

In this brief guide, we will answer the question,”What do roosters eat?” We will also look into related topics such as the foods that you can feed to your roosters and what to avoid. We will also discuss the amount of water that you should give your roosters and the nutrients that are important to nutrients. We will finally discuss portion sizes to feed roosters.

What do roosters eat?

Roosters are adult male chickens and they usually love feeding on fresh corn, cooked rice, noodles and cheese. Roosters are omnivores which means they can feed on both plant based and animal based foods. 

What foods should preferably be fed to roosters?

As earlier mentioned roosters can be fed any fresh corn, some cooked rice, noodles and cheese therefore if you have some leftovers after dining you can always feed them to your roosters and avoid wastage. 

Roosters also love eating leafy veggies such as lettuce, greens and Russian kale. Ensure that you feed them any fatty foods sparingly but these are still important as they assist the roosters to get essential oils. 

Moist cantaloupes can also be given to roosters during hot days such as during summers as they assist them to cool off and also the enzymes assist with digestion.

Roosters like to forage for plants, worms and bugs so ensure that you dig a hole in your yard so as to allow your roosters to forage around to get them. Most roosters don’t like celery stalks, carrots or foods that are tough and hard to eat.

What foods should I avoid feeding to roosters?

Avoiding feeding your roosters excessive meats as this can make them become overly aggressive. You can occasionally treat them to some small portions of cakes or pies although sugar is not very healthy for them. 

Do not feed your roosters any sticky foods such as marshmallows or any hard food chunks as these present a choking hazard and can kill them from asphyxiation. Also feed them tomatoes, cooked potatoes and rhubarb sparingly due to the high amounts of oxalic acid they contain.

How much water should I give to my roosters?

Roosters have a tendency to not drink water if they do not find any around them, this can lead to dehydration. Therefore ensure that you always fill some shallow trays with clean and fresh water and replace it regularly, ensure that it is placed near their feed so that they can drink when they get thirsty.

When it is hot ensure that they drink adequate amounts of water so as not to get dehydrated. Ensure that you have as many drinking stations of water as possible, roosters also love drinking water that trickles down from a source so you can as well make such provisions.

Which nutrients are important for roosters?

Roosters require 5 types of nutrients which are very essential in their diets and these are carbs, quality protein, fats, vitamins and minerals. The amounts that they require is dependant iof the roosters age and what you are raise them for i.e. whether meat or mating. 

Mature roosters that are being raised for meat production for instance need to be fed a diet that contains between 14 percent to 16 percent protein. On the other hand, roosters that are being raised solely for mating should be fed protein between 14 percent to 18 percent.

What portion sizes should I feed my roosters?

Portion sizes largely depend on the weight of the rooster, a rooster that weighs about 6 pounds should be fed about 3 pounds of food in a week. Once roosters have derived the requisite energy they need they usually stop eating.

Always make sure that the amount of food that your roosters eat has the essential nutrients that they require as mentioned above. The portion sizes that you feed to your roosters also tend to change depending on the season.

During the winter season, roosters are required to be fed more food as compared to the summer season. This is because food is essential for metabolism keeping them warm and they also use up a lot of energy during winter. Access to fresh and clean water is also very important, more so when the temperatures are high to prevent dehydration.

You can learn more about a feed list and diet guide for your roosters here.


In this brief guide, we have answered the question,”What do roosters eat?” We have also looked into related topics such as the foods that you can feed to your roosters and what to avoid. We have also discussed the amount of water that you should give your roosters and the nutrients that are important to nutrients. We finally discussed portion sizes to feed roosters.



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