What do ravens eat?

In this brief guide, we will answer the query, “What do ravens eat?” We will also discuss how ravens hunt for food, what kinds of birds they are, and if they are the same as crows.

What do ravens eat?

Ravens eat different animals and plants matter as they are omnivorous in nature. They are opportunistic feeders that change their feeding habits during different seasons and according to their place of habitat. 

Ravens are primarily scavengers in some locations, surviving on carrion. Because they cannot shred flesh from superior prey such as eagles or vultures, they rely on other predators such as the grey wolf to do it.

Ravens also have the habit of raiding other creatures’ food stores. They will basically eat anything they find. They also prey on nestlings and fully adult birds and steal eggs from the nests of other birds if they get the opportunity. 

Their most common food sources include:

  • The ravens mostly feed on Carrion (decaying flesh).
  • They are also fond of nuts, corns, and eggs.
  • Different high-protein insects and mollusks such as snails and slugs are also some of the primary food sources for the ravens.
  • Other animals’ partially digested fecal waste (poop), such as dogs or wolves.
  • Watermelons, apples, kale, and spinach are some fruits and vegetables eaten by the raven.
  • Rodents, such as rats and mice, are easy targets for the ravens and provide a reliable food source.
  • Ravens also prey on other small birds, such as the California condor.
  • Raven also feeds on nestlings and eggs from the nests of other birds.
  • Ravens hunt heavily on amphibians such as frogs and salamanders.
  • Ravens eat insects such as ants, termites, and various grubs.
  • The raven’s food includes reptiles such as lizards, geckos, and chameleons.
  • The ravens also feed on different grains and seeds.

How do the ravens hunt for food?

Most ravens hunt for food in pairs or small groups, but large flocks can form near landfills and other food sources. They are intelligent creatures that will occasionally cooperate to hunt down prey. Ravens primarily scavenge on the ground, but they will also raid the nests of other birds. When flying over land, ravens can detect the rotting carrion due to their strong eyesight.

Ravens are considered to be highly adaptable animals and can live in harsh winter climates, in the desert, the mountains, or in the woodlands. Fish, meat, nuts, fruit, carrion, and garbage are all favorites of common ravens. 

They have a specialty in deceiving and stealing food from other animals, most of them thrive from the stolen foods from the other animals and birds. They are intelligent and cunning creatures that will leave no opportunity for stealing others’ foods and meeting their needs.

What kind of birds are ravens?

Ravens are huge omnivorous black birds with broad, massive, and slightly curved beaks. They are commonly known as scavengers and predators. These birds can survive and thrive in a wide range of temperatures, from the hot desert to the icy tundra of the high Arctic. 

Ravens have few natural predators including owls, eagles, and martens. This is because they are massive birds that are seen hunting in pairs or flocks. They also have great defensive characteristics, so it is not easy to attack a raven. 

They use their huge bills to attack the predators. They protect their young ones and themselves in similar ways. They follow a defense mechanism for protection, they will immediately attack you if they feel threatened.

The average length of a common raven is 63 centimeters and it weighs about 1 kilogram. On average, these birds can live in the wild for up to 23 years. Ravens use unique noises to communicate. Their cries are characterized by a deep croak that is unique from that of a crow. Common ravens employ roughly 30 different types of vocalizations to communicate with one another.

Are ravens the same as crows?

No, the ravens are not the same as crows. They belong to the same family as crows, but are bigger and have characteristic shaggy feathers different from the crows. Ravens are four times the size and weight of crows. In the case of crows, they are smaller than pigeons but larger than Red-tailed Hawks.

For the more detailed difference between the two birds, please click the link here.


In this brief guide, we have answered the query, “What do ravens eat?” We have also discussed how ravens hunt for food, what kinds of birds they are, and if they are the same as crows.