What do crows like to eat?

In this brief guide, we will address the query ‘what do crows like to eat?’. We will also talk about what to avoid feeding crows and what vegetables you can feed them. We will further discuss if you can have a crow as a pet and if crows can eat human food.

What do crows like to eat?

Crows like to eat plants as much as they like to eat little animals. They are omnivores and their menu is vast. They are not too picky, so feed them whatever, and they will probably like it!

In the other hand, we can actually list some of crow’s favorites foods, like:

  • Walnuts, peanuts, nuts in general;
  • Eggs (in whatever condition, even raw);
  • Meat scraps;
  • Animal pellet;

They also eat fruits and seeds like grapes, oat and corn; insects like wasps, moths and beetles; some amphibians and small reptiles (toads, snakes, lizards, frogs); birds, fishes, mollusks, etc. As you can see, crows like to eat pretty much anything.

What to avoid feeding crows?

You must not feed a crow with uncooked or dried beans, pears or cherries seeds, mushrooms, peppers, chocolate and sugary foods.

Despite being able to eat almost anything, some foods can be toxic and even lethal to crows. Foods that are rich in sugar for example may give them diarrhea, seizures and sometimes can kill them. 

It’s important to not feed them with salted nuts. Salt dehydrates them and possibly causes kidney failure.

What vegetables can you feed a crow? 

You can feed a crow with pretty much every vegetable. They are scavengers by nature and, despite also feeding on animal corpses, roadkills, meat scraps and trash, they love fresh fruits and vegetables.

Although there is no certainty about what are their favorite vegetables, you will often see crows eating:

  • Tomatoes;
  • Corn;
  • Rice;
  • Seeds and grains;
  • Lettuce;
  • Grapes;
  • Figs;

Can you have a crow as a pet? 

It is illegal to own or hurt a crow in every state of the US. As migratory birds, they are protected by the Migratory Bird Act of 1918. Sanctuaries, zoos and certified people may have crows under a special permit.

In the UK, you can own a crow as a pet, but it is illegal to take them out of the wild, so you may find a certified breeder and buy one.

You must first understand that keeping a crow as a pet is hard and nothing like owning a cat or a dog. They will need:

  • Lots of space. They need to fly and won’t be happy when confined in cages.
  • Since they are very social birds, they need others of their kind to thrive;
  • Specialized care;
  • Sunbath. It is not good for their health to stay indoors;

The general advice is to not buy or capture a crow. As mentioned before, they are wild animals and therefore are meant to live in the wild. It is really rare to find a vet that can treat crows (since owning them is illegal) and if they become ill it can be fatal.

In the US, it is rare but not impossible to be arrested if you are caught with a raven or crow in your house.

Can crows eat human food? 

Crows can definitely eat human food,, and they definitely will. In fact, crows are often considered a problem in urban areas, for they are very likely to spread trash in search of human food.

Not only because of that, crows can also be a problem to crops and farms. They tend to be considered agricultural pests in farming areas, damaging crops – particularly those who grow corn, nuts, pecans and fruits.

The main solution for keeping crows away is to keep them out of any food source. Since they are very smart and social animals, that’s almost impossible, but there are some things that can be done to manage a ‘crow problem’:

  • Cover your trash and keep it in a secure area;
  • Leave your pet food inside the house or remember to bring it in when you finish to feed them;
  • You can use real or fake predators to scare crows away, like owls figures. But be aware: since crows are very intelligent, you must change your decoy positions regularly, or they will know it is fake.
  • Use bird nets;
  • Clean your yard often;


In this brief guide, we addressed the query ‘what do crows like to eat?’. We also talked about what to avoid feeding crows and what vegetables you can feed them. We then discussed if you can have a crow as a pet and if crows can eat human food.

Furthermore, we hope this guide was useful to you! If you have any doubts, please don’t hesitate to contact us!





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