What do crickets eat?

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “What do crickets eat?”, and provide information on the diet of wild crickets, how the crickets would hunt, whether crickets can be kept as pets as well as the diet of baby crickets.

What do crickets eat?

Crickets eat grass, aphids, seeds, and fruits. The diet of crickets is pretty varied depending on region to region. Crickets are omnivorous which means that they consume both animals along with plant-based stuff.

Crickets are also scavengers which means that they can consume both plant and animal-based matter. 

There are many foods that crickets commonly consume. Some of the commonly consumed foods would include flowers, leaves, fruits, grass, eggs, shoots, larvae, fungi, insects, aphids, and organic matter.

How do crickets hunt in the wild?

Crickets have 5 senses. These senses are similar to that of humans. The compound eyes would help them effectively track the prey, and they can smell their prey using the antenna.

The tympana in the legs of the crickets can help them sense the vibrations of the prey. The touch receptors present in the hair of the crickets can help them in tracking the prey nearby.

Crickets also have taste buds in their mouth that can help them in detecting taste. Depending on the type of diet that the crickets consume, they employ various tricks to consume food.

If the crickets are herbivorous, they would spend most of their time foraging. This would include eating leaves, seeds, fruits, or shoots. Carnivorous crickets have a different tactic.

Carnivorous crickets camouflage them in plants and pounce on unsuspecting small insects. They would bite onto the body of the insect with their sharp jaws and catch them using their strong legs to prevent them from escaping.

Scavenging can be another way to obtain food. Crickets can use their antennae to smell the odors. They can smell dead insects or decaying plant matter using the antenna. In this manner, crickets would hunt in various ways.

What do wild crickets consume?

Wild crickets would consume a lot of food. Some of the primarily consumed foods would include fruits, grasses, and flowers. Seeds and shoots of plants can also be commonly consumed.

There are crickets that consume other crickets as well. This means cannibalism can be commonly observed as well. They attack weaker members of their own group. Pupae and larvae of other insects can be consumed as well.

Crickets can consume insects that suck sap too. Eggs of another insect can be commonly consumed. Dead insects or decayed plant matter are eaten by crickets. 

The garden can be another best place for insects. This is because there can be veggies and fruits present in the garden. The crickets would feed on these crops or veggies and plants. This can make them a pest for many farmers.

Are crickets kept as pets?

Yes, crickets can be kept as pets too. If you are keeping the crickets as pets, it is important to give them a healthy and well-balanced diet. This is because the crickets in the wild would have a varied diet but the ones in captivity cannot afford to do that.

However, crickets are pretty versatile and are able to adapt to any environment. They can almost eat any kind of food to survive. Pet foods can be consumed by them. For instance, kibbles can be consumed as well.

Fresh vegetables and fruits can be a good part of the cricket’s diet. Lettuce and aphids can be a major part of the diet. 

Some of the other foods that can be eaten would include bananas, apples, carrots, potatoes, and oranges can be consumed by them. 

Leafy greens can be a good part of the diet too. Romaine, kale, or mustard greens can be given.

Carnivorous crickets can have a more varied diet. Some of the foods consumed by these crickets would include ladybugs, aphids, ants, and other insects.

Some crickets can also chew through furniture, plastic, clothing, or cardboard. They can also consume cereals or grains stored at home.

What is the diet of baby crickets?

Baby crickets come out of their eggs. Half of the life of the crickets would spend their life as nymphs. Nymphs would consume a variety of foods compared to adults. They also have a huge diet too.

The diet of the nymphs would include grasses, flowers, seedlings, grains, insects, and fruits. Decaying animal or plant matter can also make up the diet of the baby crickets too.


In this brief article, we have answered the question, “What do crickets eat?” and provided information on the diet of wild crickets, how the crickets would hunt, whether crickets can be kept as pets as well as the diet of baby crickets.


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