What do British people eat?

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, “what do British people eat?” We will also discuss why British people love Black tea.

What do British people eat?

Full English breakfast

For British people, breakfast is very important, especially for their mental and physical preparation for work throughout the day. A full English breakfast consists of black puddings, hash browns, tomatoes, mushrooms, toast, baked beans, eggs, sausages, and bacon.

This recipe dates back to the 15 th century when it was a norm for households to give their visitors heart breakfast. The recipe has differed with time. Some people add fried mushrooms and even black pudding to enhance the flavors.

Toad in the hole

This is a major recipe for British people. It is made of mediumly fried sausages and Yorkshire pudding batter. British people eat it as a side dish. Yorkshire pudding is made from milk flour and eggs and can be served alongside other foods.

Shepherds pie

Cottage and Shepherd’s pie are similar in preparation. They differ because of the meat choice. Beef is used in cottage pie while the lamb is used in shepherd’s pie. 

The two dishes have the name “pie” but they are not normal pantry pies. They consist of potatoes, vegetables with carrots added, and mince which is lamb and beef. 

The recipe for shepherd’s pie differs for many people. Some prefer to add grated cheese, others add vegetables like carrots and peas. This dish was created for making use of leftovers meat after the famous Sunday roast in Britain

Steak and kidney pie

This is a savory type of pie that is made up of onions, diced kidneys, and diced beef. It is steamed after the mixer is brown gravy cooked. You can add bacon and mushrooms and ales of any type to the gravy. 

Sunday roast

British people hold their Sunday roast of high importance. Sunday roast is made of vegetables like peas, Brussels sprouts and parsnips, Yorkshire pudding., roasted potatoes, and roasted meat. The meat can be pork, lamb, chicken, or beef.

Fish and Chips

Fish and chips are sold in Britain’s streets. They wrap the fish and chips in a newspaper or a piece of paper. You can use fish that has batter or deep fry it. The types of fish mainly used are haddock, plaice, or cod.

These chips are thicker as compared to french fries. The frying process is done twice to make them more crispy.  You can add curry sauce or malt vinegar or sprinkle salt to it. 


Haggis is made from a sheep’s stomach that has been stuffed with seasoning, stock, suet, oatmeal, lungs, and the liver. You can have it with tatties and neeps. Haggis is loved in Britain due to its richness in flavors and nutty texture. It’s found in all Scotland supermarkets as fast food.

Bangers and mash

This British meal is described because of how sausage would pop at high temperatures during world war II. It is made of sausage that has been flavored from beef, lamb,b, or pork served with peas, gravy and fried onions, mashed potatoes.

Many parts of Britain such as Cumberland, Gloucester, Suffolk, and Yorkshire eat bangers and mash. Different parts have their way of making the sausage and seasoning.

Ploughman’s lunch

Ploughman’s lunch is made up of pickles, cheese, and bread. It’s a simple meal for the British people, especially laborers.  Farm workers were mainly given Ploughman’s lunch with cider as lunch. 

The name was derived from a campaign that prompted puds to increase their sales of cheese after the rationing for cheese stopped. The cheese mainly used in this recipe can be stilton or cheddar. 

Why are British people black tea lovers?

Black tea is loved because of its complete fermentation. Hard water is mainly used in Britain meaning that extracting flavors from it while making green tea is difficult. Especially for oolong tea that is half fermented or unfermented. 

Black tea has flavors and the color is rich. It is also preferred because of the cold weather even in summer. British people drink black tea with every meal to stay warm in such cold weather.  

Many British people have become health conscious and therefore have stopped adding milk to their tea, some have started taking Chinese and green tea.

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In this brief article, we have answered the question, “What do British people eat?” We have also discussed why Tea is loved by British people.

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