What can you eat with guacamole?

In this short article, we will show you what can you eat with guacamole with many ideas to inspire you.

The Aztecs, who regard avocado (the main ingredient in guacamole) to be a cuisine with aphrodisiac characteristics, were the first people to consume guacamole in the region where modern-day Mexico is located before Mexico even existed. 

Guacamole is a meal that over time won over Brazilians and transformed how we eat avocados (traditionally in the country, avocados are used in sweet, not savoury, culinary preparations). 

Due to its adaptability, this dish can be served as an aperitif (i.e., before the main course) or as a side dish to another dish. And trust me, guacamole pairs beautifully with a lot more dishes than just nachos.

What can you eat with guacamole?

See some recommendations for foods to pair with guacamole:

  • Toast
  • stuffed cooked egg
  • Sandwich
  • Salad
  • Fish
  • sliced vegetables or pita bread
  • fried potatoes
  • Burrito

See how you can prepare them:


Since avocado toast is becoming more and more popular, there is a demand for various methods to consume avocado on toast. Why not the best and simplest method, which is guacamole spread on a slice of toast? 

It is suitable for brunch, a midday snack, and an evening snack. You may top your guacamole toast with some toasted bacon for more flavour and crunch. Grated Parmesan cheese also gives food a distinctive flavour.


What goes with guacamole, you wonder? You should be aware that it can be a great addition to a sandwich and still serves the same purpose as mayonnaise or other pâtés in keeping the contents “glued” to one another. 

Try topping the sandwich you bring to work with some leftover guacamole from your night of Mexican food! The bread, cheese, tomato, and lettuce will undoubtedly receive a great improvement. 

Bacon and guacamole can also be used to create a spicy cheese combination. exotic and tasty. Why not capitalize on the Mexican trend and include jalapenos as well?

Filling boiled egg

There is nothing more satisfying than elevating a basic dish to something exceptional, right? 

This can be accomplished with hard-boiled eggs by cooking them until they are quite firm, then removing the shell and slicing them vertically. 

Remove the yolks and fill with guacamole, or if you like, combine the guacamole and yolks in another bowl before filling the whites with a spoon. The name of this dish is deviled eggs.


In this situation, you’ll need to slightly thin out the guacamole. So, increase the amount of lemon juice, olive oil, and salt. 

To make a lighter, less dense sauce than conventional guacamole, which is ideal for salads with fresh leaves, it’s crucial to thoroughly combine the ingredients.


Fried fish sticks are a delicious appetizer for warm summer days and mix well with fresh, tangy guacamole. 

Additionally, fish and guacamole are excellent sources of healthy fats and nutrients for the body. Look at our article on frying fish.

Sliced vegetables or pita bread

Like hummus, guacamole can be consumed with veggie sticks or a piece of pita bread. To accomplish this, simply make a sizable batch of guacamole and slice your preferred vegetables (such as carrots, cucumbers, celery, etc.) into sticks. 

You now possess a wholesome snack that is ideal for watching sports with family or friends, for instance!

Fried potatoes

How about French fries with guacamole?

Give him a chance with the fries instead of the ketchup and mustard. Simply enjoy the guacamole with a dollop of the crispy fries. 

Advice: Guacamole pairs better with sweet potato fries than it does with typical English potatoes, so why not be even more adventurous in the kitchen?


Burritos are tortilla wraps that are filled with meat and are a staple of Mexican cuisine. If you stuff your burritos with enough guacamole, you can elevate them to new heights! 

Add some crumbled Dorito-style snacks or some iceberg lettuce leaves to make it more crunchy. Going to be fantastic!


You could think that we are going too far, but just know that guacamole and bruschetta are delicious together. Make room for something more potent and tasty and leave the standard toast with cheese, tomato, and basil behind. Below are some tips for getting ready:

  1. Bread should be horizontally cut into little disks;
  2. As soon as the slices are toast-ready, sprinkle them with olive oil and place them in the oven;
  3. Toast should be crisp, so take it out of the oven and let it cool;
  4. Each toast should have guacamole equally spread on top;
  5. Add some balsamic vinegar, fresh basil, salt, and pepper;
  6. It’s time to serve your guacamole-topped bruschetta.

As you can see, guacamole complements a variety of culinary preparations; all you need to do is use your imagination to come up with some tasty guacamole side dish ideas. 

Bacon, shredded nachos, diced red onion, minced jalapenos, and grated Parmesan cheese are some additional components that, depending on how they are prepared, can be utilized to add flavour.


In this short article, we will show you what can you eat with guacamole with many ideas to inspire you.