What can cats eat besides cat food?

In this brief discussion, we’ll answer the question “ what can cats eat besides cat food? “ we will also discuss the human foods that are safe and healthy for cats to eat.

What can cats eat besides cat food?

Cats can eat plenty of other foods including human foods besides cat food. Cats can eat “human food” without any problems, and some of your goods might even be healthy for them.

Cats are carnivores and enjoy eating meat such as fish and chicken. Other than this, they can also benefit from eating some fruits and vegetables that can improve their health in many ways.

Which human foods are good for cat health?

Cats can safely consume plenty of human foods. In fact, some human foods can even help to improve your cat’s overall health and prevent them from many serious health issues. Here is a list of foods that are safe and healthy for cats to eat :


Although it’s best to prevent your cat from consuming fish from the aquarium, feeding it oily fish like tuna or mackerel can benefit its eyes, joints, and brain. Cats not only enjoy the taste of fish but it also provides them with healthy fats and proteins that are crucial for the health maintainance of cats.


Poutine, steak, and other meat are obvious choices for your young carnivores like cats. Your best option is cooked poultry. Avoid meats with a lot of sodium, like ham or cold cuts, as too much salt can be poisonous to cats.

Make sure to cook the meat properly without seasonings before serving it to your cat because raw or undercooked meat can harbour various pathogens that can increase the risk of illness in cats.


Being high in calcium and protein, sharing a slice or wedge of cheddar cheese with your cat is an excellent example of a healthy snack. Just make sure not to feed too much cheese to your cat. 

It would be wise to consult a vet before introducing any new food such as cheese to your cat because some cats are lactose-intolerant and can suffer from stomach issues from consuming dairy products like cheese.


Bananas have health benefits for people of all ages. They can be a wholesome snack for cats as well, but they should only be an occasional treat because of their high sugar content. 

Bananas can provide a significant amount of vitamins and minerals to cats that can greatly improve their immune system.


Blueberries and strawberries are ideal fruits to share with your cat because they are low in sugar and high in antioxidants, though they definitely shouldn’t be used in a pie.


Small chunks of cantaloupe, honeydew, or seedless watermelon are favourites of many cats. Melon also contains a lot of vitamins A and C. just make sure to keep the melon seeds away from cats because it can be a choking hazard for them.


Although cats, unlike people, do not need to eat vegetables, they can still be a safe and healthy treat. Cooked carrots may be enjoyed by your cat, but stay away from the raw varieties as they harbour the risk of choking.


White rice is safe for cats to eat in little amounts even if it is not vital for their diet. In fact, if your cat is experiencing stomach problems, it might be beneficial in managing it.


Just give your cat the pumpkin; exclude the spices. Fibre and nutrients in pureed pumpkins can aid with a variety of health issues, including constipation and hairballs.


Oats are rich in protein, iron, and fibre, all of which are good for the general health of your cat. They can also be applied topically for skin issues.


Another nutritious food you can give your cat is eggs, which are high in protein. Choose cooked over raw eggs as they may contain E. coli or salmonella. Cats enjoy eating eggs and they greatly help to fulfil the protein requirements of cats.


If you’ve ever noticed your cat nibbling on the grass, you know cats enjoy leafy greens. Spinach can be a great option to feed your cat as it is high in important vitamins and minerals. But avoid feeding it to your cat if it has kidney or urinary issues.

All of these items should, of course, be provided as an occasional indulgence as part of a balanced diet. If you have any questions about what your cat should or shouldn’t be eating, see your veterinarian about the best diet to feed your cat every day.


We answered the question “ what can cats eat besides cat food? “ we also discussed the human foods that are safe and healthy for cats to eat.



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