What are the types of yellow fruits and their names?

In this brief guide, we will answer the query, “What are the types of yellow fruits and their names?”. We will also talk in detail about yellow fruits.

What are the types of yellow fruits and their names?

The yellow fruits are generally divided into five different types, namely pomes, berries, drupes, pepo, and citrus. Some of the yellow fruits that are very popular and are used in a daily diet are lemons, bananas, mangoes, grapefruit, yellow apples, pomelo, plums, and yellow pears.

The yellow fruits get their yellow color from carotenoids such as lutein and zeaxanthin which are essential antioxidants. The yellow fruit is a rich source of natural sugar, fiber, vitamins, nutrients, and minerals that are vital for good health. The flesh and skin of yellow fruits are rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin A which are essential for boosting immunity, having healthy skin, better vision, and a healthy heart.

Here we will talk more about the individual yellow fruits and try to know more about these bright-colored fruits.


Citrus Maxima is the latin name for pomelo which is a large yellow citrus fruit. It has pale yellow segments with a thick and spongy, yellow to green rind. The segments are sweet with a tangy taste and have a slightly bitter aftertaste. This yellow citrus fruit is rather large in size and can weigh up to 2 kilos at its prime.


Citrus Limon is the latin name for lemons which is a common source of sourness in most households. The yellow rind and sour and tarty segments are the main identifiers of this yellow fruit. Most lemons are acidic and sour in taste but some lemons have a sweeter taste than others depending on the region it is grown in.


Cydonia Oblonga is the latin name for quince which is a rather odd-looking yellow fruit. It has tough and firm flesh with a strong smell. It has an astringent and sour taste though it looks like a sweet yellow fruit. The sour taste is very unpalatable but when cooked and made into jams, jellies, and marmalades, it attains a honey flavor with deep apricot color.


Musa is the latin name for the most loved and everyone’s favorite yellow fruit, banana. Bananas are botanically yellow berries with creamy white or pale yellow colored starchy flesh. Bananas grow in clusters or hands with around 20 fingers on each cluster. These are yellow with brown freckles when ripened and can become dark brown when over-ripen.


Mangifera Indica is the latin name for mangoes which is a sweet, fibrous fruit with a large stone in the middle. Mangoes have a thick, leathery skin with a soft, fibrous yellow flesh which has a rich aroma and tastes really delicious. Mangoes are green in color when raw and slowly changes in color to yellow when ripe.


Ananas Comosus is the latin name for pineapples which is a sweet yellow fruit that has juicy flesh. The pineapples when cut open showcases a bright yellow and juicy flesh. The pineapples have a sweet and tangy taste with a tough and fibrous core.


Carica Papaya is the latin name for a papaya which is an exotic fruit that has yellow skin and a dense yellow with red hue flesh. The taste of papaya is sweet with a musky aroma. The inside of the papaya has numerous black seeds and tough skin.


Citrus Junos is the latin name for yuzu which is a popular ingredient in Japanese cuisine which is used for its acidic and sour taste and flavor. These little yellow citrus fruits are highly aromatic and taste like grapefruit with a hint of mandarin oranges.

Star fruit 

Averrhoa Carambola is the latin name for star fruit which is a yellow tropical fruit that has a peculiar taste that resembles the combination of pear, grape, apple, and sweet citrus fruits.

Yellow apple 

Malus Domestica is the latin name for yellow apple which has bright yellow skin with crispy flesh. The golden delicious apple is the most common variety of yellow apples. These types of apples have a sweet and crisp taste.

Yellow pear

Pyrus pyrifolia is the latin name for yellow pears which have yellow smooth skin with freckles. They are juicy and taste sweet and crisp which are more pear-shaped and can turn slightly red when they ripen.

Bosc pear, Williams pear, and Bartlett pear are some of the varieties of yellow pear available in the market.


In this brief guide, we answered the query, “What are the types of yellow fruits and their names?”. We also talked in detail about yellow fruits.

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