What are the types of knife blades?

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “What are the types of knife blades?” and provide information on knives that can be used for cooking.

What are the types of knife blades?

The types of knife blades are Drop-point blades, Sheepsfoot blades, and Wharncliffe blades. Drop-point blades are the most commonly used knife blades. The blade has a convex shape that extends from its handle to the point.

This makes it easier to use this blade for the purpose of slicing. Drop-point blades can be excellent for hunters.

Sheepsfoot blades can have a slight curve on the spine which can help to slice foods and reduce accidental piercing. It was originally used to clean sheep’s hooves but is used for a wide range of purposes today. It can be used to cut ropes, straps, or synthetic materials. 

Wharncliffe’s blades have a slightly curved spine just like Sheepsfoot blades. These blades have almost the same applications as Sheepsfoot blades. 

What are some other knife blades?

Other knife blades are given below:

  • The clip-point blade has a front that appears a bit clipped. The cutting section of the knife can appear to be slightly concave. This knife can be easily folded and kept in your pocket when not in use.
  • The straight blade has a straight spine and edge. The knives with this blade can be ideally used for chopping or slicing foods. You might need to apply a bit more pressure using your hands to chop tough foods.
  • Tanto blades are small sword-shaped knives that were used by samurais in Japan. This blade is curved which can help in precision. It has a durable and strong edge which can help to cut through tough objects. 

It can be commonly used for self-defense though it might not be that useful in your day-to-day life.

Reverse tanto can be the tanto blade in a flipped upside-down position. It has a flat but slightly angled point. Reverse tanto can be used to cut through tough and lean objects as well.

  • A gut hook has a small sharp hook that can appear similar to a curve. It can be particularly used by hunters to tear through the skins of animals. It has a robust handle. Small gut hooks can be used for trimming. 
  • Hawkbill blades can have a curvy spine with an edge. They are also called talons as they look similar to the talons of a bird.

These blades can be used for cutting carpets or linoleum objects. It can also be perfect for gardening.

  • Needle-point blades are blades that have 2 edges that can help in piercing and penetrating a person. It is used for fighting or stabbing due to its sharpness. 

As the needlepoint blades are narrow, they are not much durable. In certain places, it is illegal to use them because of the damage that they can cause to another person.

  • Spear-point blades are symmetrical and stronger. Spear point blades can have more than one sharp edge. 

This makes them adept for fighting purposes similar to needle-point blades. The design of spear-point blades is replicated in throwing knives or daggers which makes their use illegal in certain locations.

  • The Spey-point blade has a flat edge. This edge can reach the tip of the knife and create a point. This blade is commonly used on farm animals to neuter them. It is also commonly used by hunters.
  • The trailing-point blade has a curvy spine which can create an elevated portion in the knife. This knife can be used for cooking purposes including slicing and filleting.

Which knives can be essential for cooking?

Knives that are essential for cooking are given below:

  • A chef’s knife can be the most popular knife used for cooking. It has a straight edge with a sharp tip. It can be used to chop or dice veggies. This knife is moved back and forth on foods to cut them. It can be excellent to chop tomatoes and onions too.
  • Utility knife shares the characteristics of a chef’s knife. However, it is comparatively smaller in size and is pretty precise. It can be used for chopping smaller foods.
  • A paring knife is a short and slim knife that can be used for cutting fruits and veggies. 
  • A bread knife has a serrated edge that can aid in cutting through bread and other bread-based items like baguettes, bread rolls, or crusty bread.
  • Carving knives or Cleavers can be ideal to cut through the meat.


In this brief article, we have answered the question, “What are the types of knife blades?” and provided information on knives that can be used for cooking.



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