What are the Starbucks sizes names?

In this short article, we will answer the question “What are the Starbucks sizes names?”, will explain which one of the sizes and show you how to order healthy drinks at Starbucks.

What are the Starbucks sizes names?

The Starbucks sizes names, in ascending order, are:

  • Demi
  • Short 
  • Tall 
  • Grande
  • Venti 
  • Trenta 

Let’s understand each of the Starbucks cup sizes:


For espresso shots, a demi, a three-ounce little cup, is used. The optimal size for just a single or double shot, which is still only two ounces, is three ounces, even though a regular shot of espresso only weighs one ounce. 

Demi is derived from “demitasse,” which in French means “half-cup.”


That hidden menu Eight-ounce cups were once a frequent item on the menu, but as Starbucks sizes increased, demand decreased until it was eliminated. 

For hot drinks, most Starbucks do carry this size if you prefer a smaller serving of your everyday coffee despite the fact that. An average cup of coffee contains six ounces of liquid, but a short one carries a little bit more than that.


At 12 fluid ounces, the tall is the tiniest Starbucks coffee size offered on the standard menu. 

The amount of caffeine in tall espresso drinks like lattes, mochas, and macchiatos is the same as that in short drinks, although they typically contain more milk or another non-caffeinated beverage. Two regular six-ounce cups of coffee equal one tall.


You will receive 16 fluid ounces of any cold or hot drink when you order a grande. At Starbucks, a grande espresso drink contains two shots of espresso, which equates to 2 and a half cups of coffee. 


There are two types of Starbucks venti: a venti hot, which is 20 ounces and roughly three (6-ounce) cups of coffee; and a venti cold, which would be 24 ounces. 

Since cold beverages come with ice (unless otherwise specified), venti cold is larger than venti hot since you get the same quantity of beverage plus room for ice instead of paying for much less beverage including ice.

Unless you specifically request a third dose of espresso, a hot venti coffee drink only contains two shots of espresso.


A Trenta cold, the greatest Starbucks size, comes in 31 fluid ounces and is exclusively offered in certain iced drinks, like cold brew and iced lattes. Depending on how much ice is used, this might be equal to three to four cups of coffee.

How do I order something healthy from Starbucks?

There may be some smart substitutions you can use to reduce calories and boost the nutritional value. See below for our tips:

Always request skimmed milk

No matter what you’re getting, just tell the barista you prefer a lighter choice by asking for the “thin” version of the beverage. 

By making a few adjustments, most drinks at Starbucks that are typically offered with whole or 2 per cent milk, whipped cream on top, and syrups with added sugar can be made available as “lean” options. 

Usually, this entails using skim milk, substituting unsweetened syrup for regular syrup, and skipping the whipped cream on top.

Purchase a smaller size.

Ordering a lesser size is an easy and convenient way to enjoy your favourite beverage without as many calories. 

Any Starbucks hot beverage is available in an 8 oz. “short” cup size, even though this isn’t frequently marketed. This allows you to enjoy your favourite drink with all the normal ingredients while controlling your portion size and lowering the calories.

Replace the milk

One of the simplest methods to reduce the number of calories in your preferred Starbucks beverage is to change the milk, whether you’re having a hot cup, iced coffee, or a blended beverage. 

Nearly all Starbucks dairy-based drinks come standard with 2 per cent milk, but you may have your favourite drink with fewer calories by ordering skim milk.

Savour the coffee toppers

There are numerous healthy coffee toppers that you can use to flavour a plain coffee without adding a lot of extra calories or sugar when you head to the milk and cream line with your Starbucks cup. 

Try replacing the sugar or syrups in your coffee the next time you order from Starbucks with vanilla powder, cinnamon powder, cocoa powder, or ground nutmeg to add sweetness without the extra calories.

Purchase vegetable milk drinks

You can request that your Starbucks barista make your coffee with plant-based milk rather than dairy milk for a modest cost. Numerous plant-based kinds of milk not only taste fantastic in coffee but also have superior nutritional value and are lower in calories. 

If you don’t really like skim milk in your diet or would prefer a creamy espresso beverage without the high-calorie content of a latte, options like oat milk, coconut milk, or almond milk can be a great substitute. coffee. 

Starbucks uses plant-based milk that evaporates and froths milk very effectively in the manner of a barista. With so many dairy-free choices available, it’s also a fantastic choice for vegetarians.

Avoid using the sweetener

Even while Starbucks’ fruity teas are among the healthiest beverages on the menu, they frequently have sweeteners added as a standard, which can significantly boost their calorie level. 

The good news is that the Starbucks Teavana tea selections are already very fruity, giving them a lot of sweetness naturally without the need for additional sugar. You may reduce your calorie intake by ordering unsweetened tea, and you might not even realise the difference.


In this short article, we answered the question “What are the Starbucks sizes names?”, explained which one of the sizes and show you how to order healthy drinks at Starbucks.



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