What are the spices used for spinach?

In this brief guide, we will address the query, “What are the spices used for spinach?” We will also discuss the different spices and herbs that can be added to your spinach recipe.

What are the spices used for spinach?

Different spices and herbs like basil, bay leaf, coriander, garlic, ginger, red pepper flakes, marjoram, oregano, nutmeg, and rosemary can be paired with spinach. Let us discuss these spices and herbs in detail:


This versatile herb has a combination of sweet and savory flavors, with undertones of mint, anise, and pepper that go well in leafy greens including salads and spinach. You can add some basil to the sauteed spinach near the end of cooking to retain its full flavor. Or you can also use fresh basil in spinach for some complementary flavors.

Bay leaves

They are a very powerful spice with a savory and somewhat bitter flavor. They are popular for their herbal and floral notes which go well with spinach. Most believe that bay leaves are only used in curries, but that is not true, it adds layers of flavors to spinach as well.

They are typically tempered whole in hot oil for flavor and fragrance, then removed before serving. 


Adding some minced garlic to your spinach can change its entire flavor and texture. Although raw garlic has a highly pungent flavor, it fades away when they are cooked. When raw garlic coles are roasted, the texture and flavor change significantly, resulting in a mild and nutty flavor. You can also use the roasted garlic as a spread since it has a very creamy texture.


Coriander powder has a very nutty and lemony flavor with a floral aroma which works well with spinach. It adds a bit of that tanginess to your spinach which could otherwise be bland. Its mild flavors are perfect for spinach. However, fresh coriander leaves are not so suitable for spinach due to their highly pungent nature and soap like taste.


Oregano has a sweet, earthy, and slightly peppery taste that helps to enhance the flavors of any recipe including the leafy greens. It is considered one of the Italian herbs along with basil and marjoram which can be added to spinach in dried forms. Oregano herbs give a pungent aroma and intense flavors to even bland vegetables like spinach. You can add some dried oregano to your sauteed spinach to give it some Italian touch.


This herb is derived from the leaves of the herbaceous marjoram plant. It has a warm and intense flavor and aroma with some sweet and bitter notes. It is similar to the flavors of oregano but has more delicate and sweeter flavors and can be used in spinach in the same way as oregano. Add some dried marjoram to your sauteed greens for some extra flavors.


Nutmeg has a very sweet, woody, and earthy flavor with a faint pungent kick. You can use this spice to make a separate seasoning for spinach combining it with butter and lemon. The sweet and delicate aroma of nutmeg makes the spinach stand out.


It is derived from the roots of the Zingiber officinale plant. Ginger offers a wide range of flavors, from lemony and fresh to scorching and spicy, which can turn your spinach from basic to fabulous. Instead of chili powders, use ginger to add a dash of spice to your spinach. Ginger along with garlic is a great combination for spinach.


Cumin is another spice that can be used in spinach recipes. Cumin powder usually goes together with coriander powder in different recipes, and spinach is no different. It gives spinach a slightly nutty and earthy flavor and aroma. Cumin seeds can also be tempered in hot oil before you saute the spinach.

Red pepper flakes

Red pepper flakes are dried and crushed red chili peppers that can be used to add heat to your sauteed spinach. You can sprinkle some red pepper flakes after you’re done cooking the spinach. 


Rosemary in spinach is particularly used for its sweet and delicate fragrance. Toss in some rosemary to your basic spinach recipe along with green onions. 

You can find some of the best recipes for spinach with some great combinations here.


In this brief guide, we have addressed the query, “What are the spices used for spinach?” We have also discussed the different spices and herbs that can be added to your spinach recipe.



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