What are the signs that a male dog wants to mate?

In this brief discussion, we’ll answer the question “What are the signs that a male dog wants to mate?” We will also discuss the related signs in detail.

What are the signs that a male dog wants to mate?

There are a few things you can notice in your dog that can tell you when your dog may be ready to mate.Restlessness, mounting behavior, peeing and aggression are the most common behavioral changes that occur when a dog is ready to mate. 

Let us discuss some of the above mentioned signs in detail:

Your dog seems restless

Restlessness is one of the major signs that your dog is in heat. Your dog may seem less calm and might roam more. This behavior is more noticeable if your dog does not have access to a lot of open areas. 

On the other hand, If your dog has access to a backyard to roam around, it might be harder for you to notice restlessness in your dog. 

For example, if you keep your dog in a cage, this behavior may be more apparent because your dog will want to get out of the cage and refuse to go in. Moreover, your dog might also sleep less or try to escape from home in search of a mate.

Your dog may urinate frequently to mark his territory

Dogs often urinate to mark their territory. This behavior becomes more frequent when a male dog is ready to mate. This is more common for dogs who live near female dogs. They urinate to assert dominance once they reach sexual maturity. 

Moreover, dogs also engage in such behavior to leave a mark of their presence for female dogs. Urine marking also helps male dogs to impose an alpha  status on other male dogs that may potentially ruin their chance to mate.

Your dog may show mounting behavior

Mounting behavior is one of the most obvious signs that tell if your male dog is ready to mate. Mounting is when your dog humps towards something. It can use furniture, objects and even people for this purpose. 

Moreover, dogs do not shy away from mounting other animals when they are in heat. Therefore, you need to be very attentive when your dog shows signs of mating.

Your dog may show signs of aggression

Aggressive behavior in dogs is one of the most common signs that suggest that a male dog is in heat. Aggression becomes more apparent in such dogs due to the dramatic increase in their hormones.

There are many forms of aggressive behavior which vary from dog to dog. Some dogs may become more violent towards other beings, especially other dogs. On the other hand, some dogs may tear up the furniture or break other stuff in the house. 

Moreover, some dogs become more vocal which may lead to more barking and snarling. It is crucial to keep your dog away from children and strangers when it starts to show aggressive behavior. Aggression is one of the most dangerous behaviors in dogs but it can be managed with proper care space.

Your dog may show signs of territorialism

Territorialism is similar to aggression and equally common in male dogs when they are ready to mate. Being territorial refers to being more defensive or protective over objects and areas. This puts dogs at risk of being hostile to strangers and other animals. 

Therefore, make sure you keep your dog restrained with a proper leash or harness when it is around other dogs or new people.

Your dog may show increased interest in other dogs

Your dog may show more interest or fascination in other dogs. You may notice them becoming more aggressive or you may see them staring out the window at other dogs. Dogs also become increasingly playful in such phases. 

If you notice them becoming more playful than usual, make sure they get enough exercise or outdoor play time to release their pent up energy.


We answered the question “What are the signs that a male dog wants to mate?” We will also discuss the related signs in detail.



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