What are the side effects of coffee in females?

In this brief blog we will answer the query,” What are the side effects of coffee in females?” We will also look at the side effects of taking too much caffeine.

What are the side effects of coffee in females?

Some of the side effects that can develop in women because of coffee are the development of benign breast disease, coffee can also disrupt women’s hormonal cascade and it should also be noted that women metabolize coffee more slowly than men.

What are the side effects of too much caffeine?


Caffeine in the coffee boosts alertness. In higher doses, caffeine triggers anxiety as well as nervousness. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) has even listed caffeine-induced anxiety disorder as a caffeine related syndrome.

A very high intake of 1,000 mg or more of caffeine in a day can cause a lot of anxiety and related symptoms such as jitteriness in most people. To people who are overly sensitive to caffeine, even a moderate intake of caffeine can trigger these symptoms.

Intake of even modest doses of caffeine has also been shown to result in rapid breathing and also increase the levels of stress when consumed in a single sitting.


Most people love drinking coffee due to its ability to keep you alert and awake. However, it should be noted that intake of too much caffeine can make it difficult for someone to get sufficient sleep.

Research has deduced that a higher intake of caffeine can make it hard for someone to fall asleep. It can also result in a decrease in the total time taken to sleep, more in the elderly.

Low or moderate amounts of caffeine have not been found to affect sleep in people that are heavy sleepers or people who have self-reported insomnia.

Caffeine is found in concentrated amounts in coffee and tea, but you also note that it is also found in other products such as cocoa, energy drinks and even in some medications.

For instance, an energy drink can contain as much as 350 mg of caffeine, and some energy drinks might even contain as high as 500 mg of caffeine in just a can!!

Digestive Issues

Studies have also shown coffee to have a laxative effect. This is because it triggers the release of a hormone known as gastrin by the stomach which boosts activity in the colon. Even decaffeinated coffee has been shown to have the same response.

Caffeine also triggers the movements of the bowels by increasing a series of contractions  known as peristalsis that enable the movement of food through the digestive system.

Due to this, high doses of caffeine usually result in loose stools and even diarrhea in some people.


Regular consumption of coffee can as well result in addiction which is majorly caused by the caffeine in it. 

Caffeine has been shown by studies to trigger certain brain chemicals similar to how hard drugs like cocaine and amphetamines usually do. However, it does not result in addiction in a similar way that the aforementioned drugs do.

Caffeine can however lead to psychological and physical dependency more so when in high doses.

The dependency on caffeine is usually pegged on the frequency of intake. People who regularly take coffee and other caffeinated beverages can as well experience fatigue, headaches and other withdrawal symptoms when they stop taking such.

Caffeine does not necessarily create a true addiction but if you regularly take coffee and other caffeinated beverages then you may become dependent on its effects.

High blood pressure

Generally, caffeine does not increase the risk of any heart disease or stroke in most people. However, caffeine can increase blood pressure because of its stimulatory effect on the nervous system. 

High blood pressure puts you at risk of a heart attack and also stroke because it may result in damage to the arteries over time which restricts blood flow to the heart and also the brain.

The good thing is that caffeine only affects blood pressure temporarily and it also does this in people who are not regular consumers of caffeinated beverages.


In this brief blog we have answered the query,” What are the side effects of coffee in females?” We have also looked at the side effects of taking too much caffeine.



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