What are the foods to eat when high?

In this brief guide, we will answer the query, “What are the foods to eat when high?”. We will also discuss why you feel hungry when high.

What are the foods to eat when high?

When you are high due to the use of cannabis such as by smoking weed or by eating cannabis infused edibles, the one thing that always leads to is hunger and craving for something sweet, salty and full of calories and fats.

When high and are in need of munchies as it is called, the foods to eat when high are as follows:

Mangoes and mango juice

Mangoes and mango juice are the best things to ingest when the effect of cannabis is high, as the terpenes in mangoes are known to boost the on-set and duration of a high by helping the THC to get to the bloodstreams quickly and efficiently.

Mangoes and mango juice consumed before or after a session of cannabis use helps the cannabinoids to bind with the receptors that aids the THC to respond more effectively to keep the on-set of high for longer.


Broccoli eaten when you are high will help boost the duration of being high since broccoli also contains terpenes which aid the cannabinoids to flow into the bloodstream more effectively.

Dark chocolate 

Dark chocolates are better than milk chocolates as these contain 70% more cocoa which makes it a great option for munchies. These are good for heart health too as it can help reduce the risk of heart diseases.

Sweet potatoes 

Sweet potatoes are full of Vitamin B and carbohydrates that are responsible for the production of serotonin in the brain which is also known as the happy hormone. Release of serotonin will definitely boost the mood and will help in keeping the high on for longer.


Coffee has an effect that helps increase the energy and awakeness of the individual who drinks coffee. So coffee after a smoke or snacking on edibles will help you stay awake and keep you active to enjoy the high.

Tea/green tea 

Catechin is a compound found in tea and green teas which is an antioxidant that promotes the brain to release feelings of peace and relaxation. Marijuana and tea consumed before or after can improve the mood, keep you high for long and reduce stress and anxiety.

Nuts and dry fruits

Nuts and dry fruits are high in fat, sugar, and salt content which is a great kind of munchies. These are high in healthy omega-3 fatty acids which easily binds with the cannabinoids to pass through the bloodstream to keep you high for longer. 

The nuts and dry fruits also possess many nutritions and minerals that rae beneficial for the health which is a win-win for munching on these healthy snacks.

Ice creams 

Ice creams of any variety and flavors are a great option for munchies. As the cannabinoids stimulate the taste receptors, the sweet, full of calories ice cream will definitely aid in feeling the euphoria for a long time.


Popcorns are a healthy munchies as they make you full due to the high fiber content. Popcorn can be made salty or cheesy which can fulfill the cravings induced due to use of marijuana.


Dates are high sugar content munchies which are a good source of fiber, iron and a number of other vital nutrients and minerals. 

Why do you feel hungry when high?

Whether you are high because of smoking weed or by eating edibles, you are most probably going to feel hungry sooner or later. Cannabis is composed of mainly two compounds of cannabinoids namely THC and CBD. THC is the main compound which gives all the euphoria feeling because THC is a psychoactive compound.

It is the THC cannabinoid compound that is responsible for stimulating the receptors that interact with the central nervous system and the brain to stimulate appetite which causes hunger. The THC also stimulates the brain in producing the hunger hormone known as Ghrelin.

Also, the cannabinoids interacts with the taste receptors to enhance the sweet and salty taste in the foods to boost cravings.


In this brief guide, we answered the query, “What are the foods to eat when high?”. We also discussed why you feel hungry when high.




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