What are the different flavors of spice drops?

In this brief guide, we will answer the query, “What are the different flavors of spice drops?”. We will also discuss what exactly are spice drops, how they are used, and how they differ from gumdrops. Moreover, we will also discuss different queries related to spice gumdrops.

What are the different flavors of spice drops?

Spice drops are mainly available in six unique flavors: cinnamon, clove, licorice, spearmint, root beer (sassafras), and peppermint. There are many different flavors and colors to keep your taste buds stimulated, regardless of how you want to eat it. 

You can even predict the flavor of your favorite spice drops by their vibrant colors and fruity flavors. In each packet of gummy candy, you’ll find candies of different colors. 

Orange-colored spice drops will taste mostly like orange and, on occasion, like cloves or anise. Yellow mostly tastes like lemon and sometimes like allspice. Likewise, even though the red color is often reserved for cinnamon, it may taste like cherry. 

These combinations of colors and flavors are most often the case but the flavor-color profile may also depend on the manufacturer. All of these flavors are commonly denoted by different colors. Each color below represents these flavors:


What are spice drops?

Spice drops are a very unique candy with distinct, deep flavor notes of not only spices but also different fruits and herbs. You can get a hint of both fruits as well as spices when you eat spice drops. They are the colorful jelly chews that are considered to be the refined equivalents of regular gumdrops. 

They are said to be of American origin, but we don’t have enough resources to be sure of that. They are commonly used to decorate Christmas gingerbread houses and top ice cream sundaes and are a great treat, especially for children due to their chewy nature. 

How can we use spice drops?

You can use spice drops by simply adding a drop of your favorite spice to your dish or beverage for the perfect flavor. Another great way to use spice drops is after you’re done eating your meal. 

These flavorful spice drops can be taken as a refresher. They are very handy and convenient since they come in small bottles so you can easily carry them anywhere while traveling and just use them as candies.

How can we use spice drop chai masala?

Spice drop chai masala extract is a natural spice combination extract that is used in combination with different beverages. 

This is actually a classic Indian recipe for instantly making plain tea more palatable, aromatic, and pleasant. One drop of Chai Masala extract in a cup of tea can quickly transform normal tea into masala tea.

Are spice drops and gumdrops the same?

No, spice drops and gumdrops are not the same but they do have some similar flavors and textures. 

They are available in different sizes and different flavors. Although they have some similar fruity flavors, gumdrops are mostly fruit-flavored while spice drops just like their name indicated have flavors of different spices like cloves, anise, allspices, cinnamon, etc.

What are spice gumdrops?

When gumdrops are made with different flavors of spices like peppermint, wintergreen, anise, cinnamon, and clove, they are referred to as spice gumdrops. Spiced Gumdrops are chewy, jelly candies similar to gumdrops but spicier and more flavorful. These candies are made from corn syrup with gelatin or gum arabic.

These candies are coated with sugar. Spice gumdrops are also mostly available in six unique flavors – cinnamon, clove, anise, spearmint, sassafras, and wintergreen.

Why are they called gumdrops?

The name gumdrop was termed because of its conical shape. They are mostly manufactured in vibrant colors and are gelatin or pectin-based in the shape of a truncated cone and dusted with granulated sugar. 

To know more about the origin of gumdrops, please click the link here.

Are spice gumdrops vegan?

Yes, spice gumdrops are vegan. Most of the gummy jellies available in the market contain gelatin in their ingredient list. But unlike those, spice gumdrops like dots and tropical flavored gumdrops are not made of gelatin. Likewise, according to the information available on their website, all of the ingredients used in making gumdrops are vegan.


In this brief guide, we have answered the query, “What are the different flavors of spice drops?” We have also discussed what exactly are spice drops, how they are used, and how they differ from gumdrops. Moreover, we have also discussed different queries related to spice gumdrops.



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