What are the Campbell soup diets?

In this article, we are going to discuss the “What are the Campbell soup diets?”. I will provide a sample diet, some snack choices, and some food to avoid. I will also discuss the nutritional value the Campbell diet provides, and how to pick the best soup option for your diet.

What are the Campbell soup diets?

The Campbell soup diets are three diet plans with three different calorie varieties, 1200 calories,1600 calories, and 2000 calories. The diet does not contain only soup, it contains breakfast cereals, cheese tortellini with chicken or vegetables, and mac and beef.

Some food choices the diet provides are dairy, vegetables, starch, vegetables, starch, protein, fat, oils, and beverages. The diet suggests having 3 snacks and 3 meals a day. The breakfast time is usually set at 8 am, and after two hours is the first snack. The lunch is at 12 pm, and a snack after two hours.

 Drinking water is advised midway between snacks and dinner. Dinner is at 6 pm, and the final snack is at 8 pm.

What is a sample Campbell soup diet?

The sample diet is a diet that contains almost 1200 calories a day with varied soup, and snack options. 

Breakfast is usually a fruit like an apple and breakfast cereal. For the first snack, it can be a calorie bar under 100 calories or beef jerky. For lunch, you can have a soup from Campbell with some raw broccoli, and cookies under 100 calories. 

The second snack consists of a fruit and nut bar. For dinner, a different kind of soup with cauliflower, pretzels, and canned peaches. The last snack could be popcorn without added butter.

The options for the meals and snacks vary and change. Some soup varieties you can have:

  • Campbell soup on the Go, Chicken Soup
  • Campbell light Italian soup
  • Campbell soup on the Go, Broccoli soup
  • Campbell Healthy Chicken Soup

 Some snacks to include in the diet would be:

  • Banana
  • Orange
  • Apple
  • Nuts (almond)
  • Cookies with a 100 calories option
  • Red Potato
  • Baby carrots 
  • Oatmeal
  • Pretzels
  • Cauliflower
  • Canned peaches
  • Tomatoes 

These snacks are limited to almost 100 calories, they can range from 62 calories to 129 calories in one snack. The purpose of these snacks is to be under 200 calories. 1200 calories diet is an option for sedentary women with a weight under 165 pounds. 

What is the nutritional value of the Campbell soup diet approximately?

Campbell soups are rich in sodium providing 2400 milligrams of sodium. The recommendation for salt intake according to AHA, American Heart Association, is 2300 milligrams. It goes above the recommendation by 100 milligrams.

 The saturated fat in this diet is less than 10% of the total fat calories. The AHA recommends 5% to 6% of your fat intake from saturated fat. The fat content in the diet is 30%; the acceptable macronutrient distribution for fat is between 20% to 35% of the total calories.

What is some food avoided on the Campbell diet?

Some food is avoided on the Campbell diet such as high fat and high sugar. Also, high carbs and vegetables are avoided. Foods that are starchy like pasta, white rice, potatoes, and peas are avoided.  Soups that are high in fat and rich in creams are also avoided.

They pack a lot of calories. Foods that are rich in sugar like candies, ice cream, and chocolate. Processed food is avoided as well, this includes processed meat, pork, and beef. All of these are avoided on the Campbell soup diet.

How can I pick the best soup among all the other options?

It is always recommended to check the nutritional labels. Nutritional labels show carbs, fat, protein, sodium, and other nutritional components. It also shows the percentage of the nutrient from the daily value you will be getting. 

It is also essential to look for the ingredients as well. Broth-based soups are healthier options than creamy soups. Creamy soups are rich in fat, especially saturated fat. Plus they pack a lot of calories in one serving. Broth soups are better soup alternatives to that. 

Also, check the fiber content in the soup, the higher the fiber content, the more satisfied you will feel. Fiber is essential for healthy bowel movements, and a feeling of fullness, so you will not eat as much. It also prevents constipation.


In this article, we discussed the “Campbell soup diets”. I provided a sample diet, some snack choices, and some food to avoid. I also discussed the nutritional value the Campbell diet provides, and how to pick the best soup option for your diet.


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