What are the best places to eat in LA?

In this brief guide, we’ll address the query: “What are the best places to eat in LA?” Also, we’ll explore the most popular cuisine options in LA, how visitors and tourists can pick a locale to dine in, and what precautions all travelers should take when eating out. 

What are the best places to eat in LA? 

The best places to eat in LA will depend on every individual’s taste, health, budget, and on occasion, on how far ahead they’ve planned in advance of their stay in LA. 

Los Angeles is the largest city in the state of California, and residents can certainly make it a goal of theirs to explore some of the nearly thirty thousand restaurants registered to the County Department’s Public Health Food facility ratings. 

However, visitors in Los Angeles do not always have the time or wherewithal to explore many establishments, so instead, they consult with trip advisors such as foodie guides, blogs, news sources, and specialized social media apps, review apps such as Yelp, and even word of mouth to help them zero in on a dining locale.  

There are several pundits and outlets that regularly review new dining establishments, and visitors may consult web sources such as rankings and forums to make informed decisions.  

While we here at Facts About Food can’t provide a definitive ranking of restaurants in Los Angeles (and anyone who would attempt it may find that others disagree), we can provide some tips for our readers who intend to visit, to help them make an informed decision.  

What are the most popular cuisine options in LA? 

Los Angeles is a city of the world, and there are many culinary options that are popular and readily available to visitors and residents. 

Popular cuisine options include Italian, French, Chinese, Mexican, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Thailandese, Japanese, and many other types. 

Los Angeles also has a bustling fast-food market, as popular locales include McDonald’s, Starbucks, Chick-fil-A, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, Subway, etcetera. 

Fortunately, now that we live in a digital age, users need only input their predilections into a search bar, and a plethora of options will be readily presented to them 

How can I pick a locale to dine in? 

While it’s common for some of our readers to be overwhelmed by the many results a simple tap of the enter button on a search button can return, here are some handy tips folks can use to help them decide where to take their business. 

  • Remain dubious of establishments with glowing reviews. The reason? Simple. Not only do opinions vary with each individual’s taste, but many review pages and apps have algorithms that may “rig” reviews, in exchange for money from business owners.

The result? Businesses that have substandard practices and customer service may rank higher than others that don’t pay premiums to app developers.

  • Visitors should avoid restaurants that “bombard” tourists. They seldom offer varied or quality cuisine, and as visitors don’t exactly have a feel for the area, they rarely offer accessible, let alone reasonable prices. Some authors refer to these establishments as tourist traps.
  • Peruse the menu before ordering, and if possible, before visiting the restaurant. This can help users have a mind about what type of cuisine to expect, the dishes, and the prices.
  • Tourists should avoid empty restaurants, no matter how bougie their advertising or elegantly furnished they are.  A common sign of quality dishes and quality serving is how crowded a restaurant is.

    This may be difficult for visitors to overcome as restaurants that have respectable reputations are seldom without patrons and booking reservation or walking in for an empty table may be tricky.
  • Visitors can ask locals for orientation and opinions. While its nigh-impossible for a single person or group to be acquainted with every restaurant in a city such as Los Angeles, it certainly can help to ask a resident for their opinion on local dining. After all, who better to know than a person who lives, commutes and dines in the city? 

What precautions should I take when eating out? 

Precautions our readers can take when dining out in Los Angeles (or any other city, for that matter) include: 

  • Assuring that the chosen locale is reputable, and meets all the requisites established by the public health office. This can be done by checking a restaurant’s inspection score, and verifying that the staff and management are up-to-date with agency standards.
  • When ordering food, clear up any doubts regarding the ingredients used to prepare each dish. This is of special importance for people with severe allergies, and certified restaurants have to be prepared to handle these special circumstances.
  • Avoid eating food that has been priorly cooked and re-served. This is important in buffets, as it can constitute a source of potentially noxious microbes that may cause food poisoning.
  • Lastly, if you’ve eaten out and suffered suspicious or downright severe symptoms, you should report it to local sanitation authorities, who will investigate and determine whether or not an establishment’s practices may be responsible. 


In this brief guide, we’ve addressed the query: “What are the best places to eat in LA?” Also, we’ve explored the most popular cuisine options in LA, how visitors and tourists can pick a locale to dine in, and what precautions all travelers should take when eating out. 









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