What are the best foods to eat while high?

In this brief guide, we will answer the question, “What are the best foods to eat while high?” We will also discuss what it means to be high. Moreover, we will address how water can help reduce the feeling of being high.

What are the best foods to eat while high?

Some of the foods that you can eat while high are:


Nutella is very sweet and rich, which can help to counteract the dry mouth that is often caused by being high. It is also  a smooth, creamy food that is easy to eat and won’t make you feel sick. 

The hazelnut flavor of Nutella is very unique and enjoyable, making it a great food to snack on while you are high.


Grapes are a refreshing and hydrating fruit, which can help to keep the body hydrated and feeling good during a marijuana high.Grapes are a great source of natural sugar, which can help to counteract the dry mouth that is common when smoking marijuana.


Nachos are usually loaded with cheese, which can be very comforting when you’re feeling paranoid or anxious. The crunchy texture of the chips can help to distract from any uncomfortable sensations you may be feeling. 

Moreover, the toppings on nachos (salsa, guacamole, etc.) can help to boost your mood and give you a much-needed energy boost.

Beef Jerky

Beef jerky is a high protein food that can help to keep you feeling full and satisfied. Additionally, the salty and savory flavors of beef jerky may help to counteract any feelings of nausea that you may experience when you are high. Beef jerky has a mix of dry and greasy to it that is enjoyable to stoners.

What does being “high” mean?

“High” is a term often used to describe the feeling of euphoria or elation. . This feeling can be caused by many things, including drugs, alcohol, or even a natural high from doing something they love. 

In terms of drugs, being high typically refers to the feeling of being under the influence of a substance that alters your perception and/or state of mind. This could be anything from marijuana to cocaine to prescription pills. 

The high from each drug varies, but the general effects are similar: an increased sense of well-being, relaxation, and/or euphoria. Some drugs may also cause visual or auditory hallucinations.

Which foods should not be eaten while high?

Caffeinated foods. 

Caffeine is a stimulant, which means it can speed up the nervous system. When someone is high, their nervous system is already working overtime, so adding caffeine to the mix can cause jitters, anxiety, and paranoia. 

Caffeine can also interfere with how the body metabolizes THC, the main active ingredient in marijuana, which can prolong the high and make it more intense.

Spicy foods 

Spicy foods can cause indigestion, which can be uncomfortable when you’re high. Additionally, spicy foods can trigger heartburn and exacerbate existing gastrointestinal issues.Capsaicin, the compound that makes peppers spicy, can irritate the lining of the mouth and throat, making it difficult to eat and drink.

Does water help reduce the feeling of being high?

Yes. Water can help reduce the feeling of being high by hydrating the body and helping to flush out the system. The highness can be easy to bear when you take a lot of water.

It is important to stay hydrated when using any kind of drug, as it can help to reduce the risk of side effects and help the body to metabolize the drug more effectively.

In addition, showering can help to improve your circulation and increase your heart rate, which can help to counteract the effects of being high. The combination of the hot water and the physical activity can help to sober you up and make you feel more alert.

The hot water can help to ease any tension or anxiety you may be feeling, and the act of showering can help to distract you from any intrusive thoughts or feelings you may be experiencing.

Is being high good for you?

No, being high can impair your judgment and decision-making skills, which can lead to risky behaviors that can result in accidents, injuries, or even death.

Being high can also increase your heart rate and blood pressure, which can put strain on your heart and other organs making you feel dizzy.

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In this brief article, we have answered the question, “What are the best foods to eat while high?” We have also discussed how water helps reduce the feeling of being high.

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