What are some beaches in Chile?

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “What are some beaches in Chile?” and provide information on beaches as well as activities you can do there.

What are some beaches in Chile?

Some beaches in Chile are Playa Anakena, Bahía Inglesa, and La Serena. Playa Anakena is a beautiful beach with turquoise water and loads of palm trees. You can bring your bathing suit to lie down in the sand or swim in the water.

There are human settlements found around the coast as well. You can find some parking spots around the beach. Small kitchens selling delicious food can be present too.

Bahía Inglesa is one of the most beautiful beaches in Chile. The water is warm and you can lounge on the sand all day. You can sail or windsurf on this beach. Kayaking is also possible. 

Playa La Virgen is a white sand beach that is found a little farther from Bahía Inglesa. It is a beautiful landscape that can be perfect to spend your summer holidays. It takes over an hour from Bahía Inglesa to reach here.

La Serena is a beautiful beach that can be located in the bay of Pampelonne. It is a big beach with a lighthouse named Playa El Faro located close to them.

The beach is so big that you can find isolated spots for yourself to relax. Individuals who want to have a bit of adventure can visit the tiny island of Isla Damas. There is a penguin national reserve present there and you can even indulge in a boat trip too.

What exactly is Chile?

Chile is a country that is located in South America. Some of the neighboring countries close to Chile are Peru, Bolivia, and Argentina. Chile is surrounded by mountainous areas. 

There are also earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tsunamis that affect this country frequently. The northern area of Chile is a desert.

What are other beaches that you can visit in Chile?

  • Playa Grande is a big beach with volcanoes present. This beach can be particularly crowded during the summer season. It is located closer to Pucon town. If you feel hungry, you can visit Pucon town and go shopping. 

After you are done spending time on the beach, you can also go for hikes, biking, and rafting along the town. However, the locals report that the beach’s water is dangerous. 

There is a red flag present in the beach’s water. Do not go beyond the red flag. It will be better to stay close to the shore.

  • Pan de Azúcar national park is located close to a coastal region. There are four camping sites present on the beach. This can make camping a good experience. The park spreads over 400 kilometers. 

Pelicans, otters, foxes, and guanacos are some animals present in this national park. You can also indulge in boating close to La Calets village.

  • Viña del mar is a beach resort present close to Santiago. The two beaches present in this resort are Playa las Salinas and Playa Reñaca. 

Playa las Salinas can be perfect for everyone, especially for children. The strong currents in the beach are blocked by rocks. This reduces the risk of drowning.

Playa Reñaca can be located 20 minutes away from Viña del Mar. there are many cafes and boutiques present on the beach. There are many shops present close to the promenade. You can indulge in swimming and surfing here.

  • Playa Tunquén is another beach present in Chile. This beach is usually empty and not much developed. As a result, you might not find a lot of crowds here. To the north side of the beach is Estero Casablanca. You can find many rare plants and birds there.
  • Zapallar beach is located in the northern area of Santiago. It is home to many villas and many rich people frequent this beach. This beach can appear luxurious as there are many beautiful cafes and shops close by.

Zapallar beach is pretty crowded during the summer months but during the rest of the months, the crowd is significantly less.

  • Matanzas is a beach that is particularly well known for water sports. Windsurfing and kiteboarding are one of the most popular water sports here. There are a lot of seafood restaurants, wineries, and hotels located close to the beach.

What are some activities that you can do at these beaches?

You can indulge in water sports on some beaches. You can visit nearby towns as well. Apart from this, you can buy souvenirs from shops and eat at nearby restaurants too.


In this brief article, we have answered the question, “What are some beaches in Chile?” and provided information on beaches as well as activities you can do there.