What are some 14-day lemon water diet reviews?

In this article, we are going to discuss “What are some 14-day lemon water diet reviews?” and its benefits.  I will include some advantages and disadvantages of the lemon water diet and its effects on the body.

What are some 14-day lemon water diet reviews?

There are some mixed reviews of the 14-day lemon diet. The diet works with some, while others do not. It is a diet that is hard to maintain for a long period of time.  The lemon water diet helps shed almost 5 pounds of weight in the end. The diet is advised by many people and a lot have already tried it.

 It also has some health benefits like hydration, detoxification, better gut health, and better-looking skin due to the hydration. Better immunity due to the vitamin C content in the lemon water diet. It has also been said that it removes toxins and improves your digestive health. 

Lemon is also beneficial to health according to studies. Hypocitraturia is low amounts of citrate in the urine which increases the risk of kidney stones. Citrate in urine reduces the risk of calcium salt crystallization which leads to the formation of kidney stones.

This study revealed that citrate inhibits the urinary crystallization that is kidney stones formation. It is used in the treatment of patients with hypocitraturia which was explained previously. This makes the lemon water diet useful for reducing the risk of kidney stones. 

The 14-day lemon water diet is more of a challenge. It lasts for 14 days and consists of healthy food and physical activity for at least 30 minutes. The diet consists of drinking 32 ounces of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Day one starts with 1 cup of fresh water and lemon juice (half fresh water and half fresh lemon juice). Each day it increases a cup of equal water and lemon juice portion until day 6 reaches 6 cups of fresh water mixed with 6 lemon juice.

 On day 7 it increased to 10 cups and on day 8 it reduced to 6 cups. By day 9 it would reach 5 cups, then it reduces a cup per day until it reaches a cup by day 13. By day 14 it is 10 cups mixed with 3 lemon juice and a tablespoon of honey.

On all days it has equal amounts of water and juice except on day 14 with 10 cups of freshwater and 3 lemon juices with an added tablespoon of honey.

What are some disadvantages of the lemon water diet?

There are some disadvantages to the lemon water diet. Due to the high acid content in the lemon, it would cause disturbances like stomach discomfort or nausea, or acid reflux.

It requires so much discipline and adherence to the diet. It requires effort to stick to the lemon water diet, not only that the taste of lemon is not preferred by many people. It is not easy to drink lemon water daily, some people would be too nauseated. 

Despite reducing the food ingestion from nausea alone would lead to weight reduction, you will not be getting adequate nutrients needed like essential vitamins and minerals. 

The citric acid in lemons alone would lead to erosion of tooth enamel if carried for the long term. This will lead to tooth decay and eventually, you need a root canal. That is fixed by adding water to lemon juice, yet the risk is a big concern.

It also leads to an increase in urination, and this might interfere with your daily routine or work. It is frustrating to carry with you. 

What are some advantages of the lemon water diet?

The lemon water diet is beneficial in some ways. The lemon diet provides hydration to the body. Staying hydrated is a challenge a lot of people face. This diet provides the essential hydration your body needs to function.

The lemon water diet also purifies and detoxes the body from toxins by flushing them out. It also reduces the risk of kidney stones due to the citric acid content on it. It was noted that people noticed an increase in their energy levels and weight reduction. 


In this article, we discussed “14-day lemon water diet reviews” and its benefits.  I included some advantages and disadvantages of the lemon water diet and its effects on the body.


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