What are pork rinds made of?

In this brief guide, we will answer the query, “What are pork rinds made of?”. We will also talk about how pork rinds are made and discuss if pork rinds are a healthy snack.

What are pork rinds made of? 

Pork rinds are made of deep-fried processed pig skin which is fried till crispy and puffy and seasoned with salt and spices to tingle the taste buds.

Pork rinds are popular snacks in Southern states of the US and also many other countries and have a local name to identify the puffy snack. In Mexico, it is called chicharrones and in Thailand, it is called Kaeb Moo. 

The pork rinds are high in fat and low in carbs which makes it a popular snack for people who follow certain diet plans which require them to cut their carb intake such as the ketogenic diet plan.

Pork rinds are one of the most popular and fastest-growing snack foods in the US as it is crunchy, crispy, meaty, salty, and full of fat which makes up for a delicious snack.

How to make pork rinds? 

Pork rinds are made of pig skin which is boiled or simmered in boiling water till the point where it reduces to one-third its original size. The skin of the pig is then cut into bite-sized strips which are called pellets. The pellets are then let cool in the fridge for at least 4 hours for the skin to cool and the fat to solidify.

Once the fat has solidified, the fat from the skin is removed or scraped off and discarded. The strips of pig skin or pellets are then lined in a tray and placed in a low-heat oven to dehydrate to remove any moisture for a couple of hours or overnight till they look dry and change their colour.

Once the pork skin is ready, it is then deep-fried in hot oil at 400 F till it gets crispy and puffy. The rinds are then seasoned with just salt or other added spices for their different flavors while they are still hot.

Once the crispy and puffy pork rinds have cooled down, they are then packaged and sold for the customers to buy and enjoy the porkilicious, salty, and crispy snack.

Are pork rinds, fatbacks, and pork crackling the same? 

The pig skin has been used to make an array of snacks for centuries by countries and communities all over the world. The pork rinds and pork crackling are not the same dishes but are very similar as they both are made of pork skin.

The pork crackling has a bit of fat attached to the skin and when oven-baked or deep fried, it still has the fat attached to the crispy skin which gives it a chewy texture and a meatier crunch. The fat attached to the skin also stops the cracklings from puff as the pork rinds.

The rok rinds are devoid of any pork fat as it is scrapped and discarded before getting the pork skin ready to deep-fry. The pork rinds are more of a texture similar to potato crisps as they are puffy and crispy.

Fatbacks as the name suggests are full of fats attached to the skin. When deep fried they still hold a substantial amount of fat on them which makes them fattier and meatier in texture. These snacks are not sold in packaged forms as the pork rinds and pork cracklings, they can be purchased in local eateries and restaurants.

Is pork rind keto-friendly? 

The Keto diet is all about low carbs, high fat intake kind of lifestyle. The pork rinds offer the same as they are full of fat and contain no carbs in them. The idea of the keto diet is to get as many calories from protein and fat and less from carbohydrates.

Pork rinds are full of fats, and proteins and are devoid of carbohydrates which makes pork rinds a keto-friendly snack option and is very popular among people following a ketogenic lifestyle.

Are pork rinds a healthy snack? 

Pork rinds are a tasty and exciting snack option to munch on when you are at a gathering or are by yourself enjoying your favorite sports on the television. Pork rinds are full of salt, and fat and pack a lot of calories.

Eating too much salt and fat is not considered healthy as it can contribute to many health problems related to heart health, and digestive health including blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Eating excess sodium that comes from salty foods can increase blood pressure which is the main factor contributing to heart disease, stroke, and kidney diseases. 

Consuming excess fat content snacks and foods, in general, can elevate the fat storage around the abdominal area which is linked to insulin resistance. This condition can make the body resist the insulin which can raise the insulin levels in the blood and spike the blood sugar levels that lead to diabetes and heart diseases.

The fat present in pork rinds is of two types of saturated fats which are stearic acid and palmitic acid. The palmitic acids are known to increase cholesterol in the system which results in blockage of arteries leading to heart attacks.


In this brief guide, we answered the query, “What are pork rinds made of?”. We also talked about how pork rinds are made and discussed if pork rinds are a healthy snack.

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