What animals eat birds?

This animal blog will answer the major question, “What animals eat birds?” we will also discuss the major predators of the birds, how you can protect your pet birds from their predators, and what nutrients can birds give to their predators.

What animals eat birds?

Following is the list of animals that eat birds:

  • Foxes
  • Raccoons
  • Snakes
  • Bats
  • Cats

These are the major predators, you need to devise ways to protect your birds from these predators.

What are the major predators of birds?

Following are the major predators of birds:

Foxes eat birds

Foxes are cunning predators of birds. They wait for the opportunity to attack the birds. As they cannot fly, they want to attack a bird that is sitting on the branch of a tree or on the ground. 

The most common examples of foxes are red foxes and arctic foxes. Red foxes target the birds in the forest and especially the young ones because they are inexperienced and don’t know how to fly safely. Sometimes, they target the eggs of the birds.

Arctic foxes target seabirds because they live near the sea. These sea birds have the ability to eat other birds due to their sharp vision.

Snakes are deadly predators of birds

Snakes do not eat flying birds rather like to target the eggs of the birds. Snakes usually climb the nests and attack the young ones or the eggs in the nests. There is a tremendous fight between the adult bird and the snake if the bird is already there in the nest. 

Snakes do not have ears so they can only track the motion of the birds. It hunts down birds. It is important for you to keep your pet birds safe in cages or maybe some other safe places in the house or in the yard where a snake cannot reach them.

Raccoons feed on the dead birds

Raccoons are cute but they’re also deadly for birds of the same size. They usually feed on dead birds or can feed on the young ones who are unable to fly. They are usually targeting the young ones in the nest or may be targeting the injured birds on the ground.

Raccoons are fast and they can smell the injured bird from a distance. Injured birds usually hide.

Bats can eat birds in flight

The next species of animal is the bat. Bats can target the birds in the flight and are capable of eating the birds in flight. Bats are deadly creatures for birds. They have a sonar system built into their body. They’re nocturnal animals and love to target in the dark where they are not capable of protecting themselves.

Bats have sharp flight and they can chase down birds in no time.

Birds are favorite targets for cats

Birds are the favorite targets of cats. Whether wild cats or domesticated cats, birds fulfill 60% of the diet of wild cats. Bobcats are extremely fast and they wait for the target to come near. As soon as they are near, the bobcat pounces on them and eats its target.

Cats love to chase down their predator, play with them and then kill it but not all cats eat the birds, only hungry cats will eat the birds and others will leave them as such.

What are the nutrients that the birds give to animals?

Following are the nutrients that a bird can give to animals:

  • The first nutrient is protein which is required for the growth of the muscles and also serves as an energy source.
  • The next ingredient is carbohydrates which are present in the form of starch and sugars that give energy to wild animals.
  • The next nutrient is fat, which is responsible for weight gain and also gives double the amount of energy as compared to carbohydrates.
  • The next nutrient is the minerals and vitamins which are essential for the metabolic processes in the body.

How can you protect your pet birds from predators?

Following are the tips you should follow to protect your pet birds from predators:

  • The first thing is to know the predator of your pet birds, for instance, cats are the common predators in the household which need to be contained.
  • The next thing is to build strong cages for your bird where cats cannot reach.
  • The next thing is to place the cages in the house at night because stray cats are active at night and can hunt your birds.


In this cat blog, we entertained our important question, “What animals eat birds?” we also discussed the major predators of the birds, how you can protect your pet birds from their predators, and what nutrients can birds give to their predators.



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