Try an intuitive eating diet cycle

In this article, we are going to discuss “Try an intuitive eating diet cycle”.

Try an intuitive eating diet cycle

An intuitive diet is a way to break the unhealthy cycle of constant dieting. The rise of the diet brought a lot of obsession with weight, and the shame it did to food. Ever since so many diets have emerged with a set of rules and regulations to follow. 

Dictating the type of food you should follow, the healthy food group, or the food group that is not healthy, and so may stigma and guilt with it. Unhealthy diet patterns have brought so many unhealthy habits with them.

 When a certain diet labeled a food group as bad. That is food is prohibited or should not be consumed on this diet. Some diets labeled carbs as fattening. While other diets shamed fats for making you fat. It all boils down to the food you eat. 

The diets created an enemy that is the sole source of our basic needs. We all need food to survive and carry on with our days. We need food to maintain a healthy body function, and to provide nutrients to our organs.

 Even food brings us joy and happiness when enjoyed with a friend or family, or even having comfort food when you are down. Diets have altered our perception of food, they have been embedded deep within who they were. 

People who competently follow diets to lose weight, then gain all the weight back, then repeat the cycle of following the diet again are stuck.  They are stuck in a cycle that is both frustrating and nonending. They reach a point where dieting is a part of who they are. 

They can not stop going on diets, trying the new trendy diet that has so many promises in such a short time. They will jump from one diet to the other due to the guilt of gaining a bit of weight when they were overeating, stressed, or having a rough time. 

The constant diet would lead to overeating. It is more likely you will reach for more food after you finish your diet after denying yourself that small piece of cake or that delicious plate of pasta. You will have a reaction to all the destinations you put your body through. 

You will not truly find happiness with whatever weight you have achieved because it does not fit what society dictates. It does not fit what the diet said it should do. It is about accepting yourself and your body without tying guilt to your every bite.

That is the basic idea of intuitive eating. To break those diet cycles that are toxic and trapping. The phrase “intuitive eating” was first discussed by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch both of who are registered dietitians. They wrote a book explaining its concept of it. 

It basically gets back to behavioral and personalized hunger cues when hungry. To achieve intuitive eating you need to think and practice things. First, you have to challenge the ideas and rules that were created by these diets, for no natural food is bad in its nature. It is all about moderation. 

Another idea you should have in mind is not to tie hunger to a negative thing. Hunger is your body telling you that it needs more nourishment. Your body is not your enemy, the food you are having might contain so many calories in small servings.

This switching these calories with even more fulfilling and nutritious food is better.  You also need not punish yourself for eating. Allow yourself to eat to get the nutrients you need. When you deprive yourself, you are more likely to overeat. 

Eating healthy nutritious food that is actually beneficial to your body is not a bad thing. You should also differentiate between being full, meaning eating so much you can barely move, and being satisfied. 

Being satisfied is when you get satisfaction from eating food that is healthy and tasty. You should also give yourself the okay to enjoy the food you love without trying any negative connotations to food groups or to some food types. 

Love the body that you have for what it is and what it can do for you. Do not tie any judgment for an extra pound or two and hate your body for it.


In this article, we discussed “Try an intuitive eating diet cycle”.


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