Is white rice bad for you?

In this short article, we will answer the question “Is white rice bad for you?”, and will explain what is white rice, and its benefits and compare it with whole rice.

Is white rice bad for you?

White rice has less fibre and vitamins than brown rice. While alternatives like brown rice are still more nutrient-dense, white rice isn’t always terrible. It is advised to eat sparingly and, if at all feasible, to choose brown rice over white rice.

It might not be the best food to meet nutritional needs, though. People who are aiming to consume fewer calories or carbohydrates, for instance, might prefer a lighter option like chopped cauliflower.

Additionally, replacing rice with whole grains or other healthier options might give your regular menu some variation.

What precisely is white rice?

The version of rice that has undergone the most processing is called “white rice.” This ancient grain is consumed around the world. It has a moderate flavour and is inexpensive and simple to prepare, making it perfect to serve with a variety of foods.

However, a significant amount of the grain’s characteristics and nutrients are lost during processing. As a result, it is seen as being less nutritious than other rice choices.

What distinguishes white rice from brown rice?

We will compare now the two types of rice:

White rice contains more calories and fewer nutrients.

White rice, a common staple, is typically eliminated from the diets of people who begin to eat healthier and more carefully regulated foods. But why did this occur? The reason is straightforward: 

Like refined sugar when compared to brown and demerara, it goes through a polishing process to make it look white, which causes it to lose the majority of its nutrients, and we do not get the most of the rice.

Additionally, it has the drawback of containing a lot of carbs, a chemical that, despite having health benefits, causes weight gain and may even raise blood sugar levels in diabetics. 

But don’t worry; it doesn’t always mean that people who choose to drink it should do so in moderation to prevent future issues.

Because brown rice isn’t polished, the primary nutrients are preserved.

In contrast to white rice, which is deficient in essential nutrients for the body’s healthy operation, brown rice is frequently consumed by people who choose to maintain a healthy diet! 

This is due to the fact that it does not undergo the same polishing process as the previous one, which causes it to maintain a darker colour, a tougher texture, and, for some, a more bitter flavour.

One of its key benefits is that it makes the body feel more satisfied and is healthy for the intestines because it contains a lot of fibre.

But its advantages don’t end there; in addition, it is suitable for celiacs since it is gluten-free, enhances the nervous system’s performance because B-complex vitamins are present, fortifies bones with phosphorus and calcium, and is still edible. 

Because it includes complex carbs, which are not quickly converted to blood sugar, it poses no dangers to diabetics.

So we can conclude that white rice is less nutritious than brown rice because a substantial amount of the grain’s characteristics and nutrients are lost during processing.

Which other types of rice are healthful?

There are several varieties of rice besides white and brown. Unexpectedly, there are additional options—some of them considerably healthier.

Brown rice

In national cuisine, this kind is not as frequently employed. But it has great health benefits.

  • vitamins a, b1, b2, b6, and b12 are abundant;
  • minerals (magnesium, iron, and zinc) in plenty;
  • a source with 30% more fibre than white rice;
  • 20 per cent more protein than white rice;
  • less greasy and calorie-dense.

Brown rice

It is less well known in theory, but it stands out as a bowl of healthy rice for lowering blood cholesterol levels and appetite.

  • It aids in weight loss, 
  • improves intestinal function, 
  • prevents anaemia thanks to its high iron content, 
  • and lastly encourages satiety.


In this short article, we answered the question “Is white rice bad for you?”, and explained what is white rice, and its benefits and compared it with whole rice.


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