Is the Coca-cola freestyle machine available for sale?

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “Is the Coca-Cola freestyle machine available for sale?” and provide information on types of Coca-Cola freestyle machines, tips to care for them as well as benefits of installation.

Is the Coca-Cola freestyle machine available for sale?

Yes, the Coca-Cola freestyle machine is available for sale. It is easier to operate and comes with instructions displayed on the screen. The drinks from the Coca-Cola freestyle machine do not spill much either.

Coca-Cola Freestyle machines can be costly for private citizens. Besides, a single machine can give you 50 to 100 drinks a day. An individual would usually consume only 1-2 drinks a day. However, if you are willing to spend enough money, the freestyle machine can be used.

What are some types of Coca-Cola freestyle machines?

  • Coca-Cola 7000 self-serve is a freestyle machine that can be installed on top of the countertop.  It can deliver up to 40 drinks a day. 
  • Crew Serve 8000 can be installed in many restaurant chains or establishments to serve drinks. It does not require much space. It can serve 100 drinks a day.
  • Self Serve 9000 can be installed on a countertop similar to Coco-Cola 7000. It can be easier to use and serves 100 drinks a day.

What are some tips to care for the Coca-Cola freestyle machine?

Some tips to care for the machine are as follows:

  • Use a clean and tidy cloth to wipe the exterior parts of the machine. A sanitizer solution can be applied to the cloth which can be used to wipe the machine. You can clean the touchscreen and other external parts using this technique.
  • To clean the nozzle of the machine, check where it is located. Apply a sanitizing solution to the nozzle and then wipe them using a brush. Scrub the ring area of the nozzle using the brush. 
  • Check the drain pan and see whether there is any debris present in the drain pan. You can use a cleaning brush to clean the drain pan and see whether it is clear.
  • If you wish to replace the cartridge of Coca-Cola 8000 and 9000 dispensers, remove the perforated corner of the machine and open the cartridge. Remove the white dust cap of the cartridge. Insert the new cartridge into the black tray and remove the seal. 

If you wish to clean the cartridge, remove them from the machine. Make sure to apply sanitizer to them and wash them using your hands. Do not wash them in a dishwasher as the texture of the cartridge can spoil over time.

  • If you are using Freestyle 7000 and wish to clean the cartridge, follow the same process as above but before keeping the cartridge inside (after cleaning them), shake the cartridge for 10 seconds.

Do not remove the seal while you are shaking them. Place the cartridge above the tray and then remove the tray. You need to then fit the cartridge with the tray. 

What are the benefits of installing a Coca-Cola freestyle machine in your establishment?

  • Installing a freestyle machine can attract more customers to your establishment. Outlets with such machines are seen to have a 3 percent increase in traffic. Besides the customers can choose from a variety of beverages.
  • You can see more loyal customers returning to your establishment. This is because the freestyle dispenser can provide a lot of options. There are low-calorie drinks present too. 

According to Consumer Tracker research, 54 percent of customers actively track establishments that have a freestyle dispenser. They are also likely to visit again.

  • The Coca-Cola Freestyle machine can connect to a customer’s phone. Through this feature, customers can make their own custom-made drinks. 

There are also many limited promotions and benefits present. Specialty drink mixes can be available too.

  • The Coca-Cola Freestyle machine does not require much space and improves the productivity of the crew.

The crew does not need to separately pack drinks as this is already done by the freestyle machine thus saving their time.

  • Apart from this, you can easily service the machine, remotely control them, and also check the consumer statistics. It can be used for marketing purposes too.

Make sure to secure the sweetener bag completely. Position the bag using a lever if you have removed a Non-Nutritive Sweetener (NNS) bag.


In this brief article, we have answered the question, “Is the Coca-Cola freestyle machine available for sale?” and provided information on types of Coca-Cola freestyle machines, tips to care for them as well as benefits of installation.