Is Lipton green tea good for you?

In this brief article, we will address the query,”Is Lipton green tea good for you?” We will discuss some of the health benefits of Lipton green tea. We will look at some of the flavors that Lipton green tea comes in and the best times of drinking green tea.

Is Lipton green tea good for you?

Yes, lipton green tea is healthy and thus good for you. Lipton green tea can provide a variety of health benefits such as assisting with weight loss, strengthening the immunity, lowering cholesterol levels, boosting the health of the heart and even preventing cancer.

What are some of the benefits of Lipton green tea?

It can help improve heart health

Lipton green tea has a lot of powerful antioxidants which can assist in lowering the levels of Low density lipoprotein (LDL) also known as the ‘bad’ cholesterol in the body. 

It also assists in boosting the level of High density lipoprotein (HDL) ‘good’ cholesterol and this aids in reducing the risk of heart diseases such as stroke and heart attack.

It possesses Anticancer properties

Green tea is touted for its anticancer properties in the body and this is because it contains Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) and other polyphenols which aid in boosting apoptosis which is the programmed death of cancer cells. 

It can assist with weight Loss

Lipton green tea is a good source of catechins known as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) that aid in burning fat, weight loss as well as increasing the sensitivity of insulin. It also has natural relaxants that assist in boosting metabolism.

To accelerate weight loss you can drink two to three cups of Lipton green tea every day for speedy weight loss.

It helps strengthen Immunity

Lipton green tea as previously mentioned has powerful antioxidants that help in boosting the immunity. It can help prevent the risk of common diseases such as cold and cough. It also assists in boosting the manufacture of infection fighting Gamma delta (γδ) T cells in the body which are very essential in curbing infections.

It promotes mental relaxation

Lipton green tea helps fight off any free radicals that may be present in the body. This helps in de-stressing you or boosting relaxation in the body. Lipton green tea has also been found to help treat insomnia and boost good and sound sleep.

How do you make Lipton Green tea?

There are various ways that can be used to prepare Lipton green tea, let’s take a look. When brewing Lipton green tea, ensure you have the below ingredients:

  • A single Lipton tea bag
  • A cup of water
  • A teaspoon of lemon juice
  • A teaspoon of honey

How to prepare

  • To brew some Lipton green tea, pour one cup of water into a pot and let it boil for some time. Once the water has boiled, pour it into a cup and add in your Lipton tea bag.
  • Give it some two to three minutes to seep.
  • Add in your lemon juice and the honey and give it a gentle stir so as to infuse some taste.
  • You now have your healthy green tea and you can proceed to drink it and reap the health benefits it comes with.

What are the flavors of Lipton Green Tea?

Lipton has a wide range of flavored Green teas that you can select and these include the below:

  • Matcha green tea
  • Orange passionfruit jasmine green tea
  • Citrus green tea
  • Cranberry pomegranate tea
  • Lime Aguas Frescas
  • Citrus green iced tea mix
  • Detox herbal supplement with green tea
  • Lemon green tea
  • Purple Acai Blueberry green tea
  • Peach green tea

When is the best time to drink Lipton green tea?

You can drink green tea any time of the day but you should note that it contains caffeine and therefore you should not consume a lot of it and it is recommended that you drink a caffeine free tea before going to bed. Some of the best times to drink green tea are:

  • In the morning 
  • In the afternoon
  • When you have cravings


In this brief article we have addressed the query,”Is Lipton green tea good for you?” We have discussed some of the health benefits of Lipton green tea. We have looked at some of the flavors that Lipton green tea comes in and the best times of drinking green tea.