In this brief article, we will answer the questions: is it okay to eat apples before bed, what are the advantages and disadvantages of eating apples before bed, and what is the nutrient composition of an apple? We will also discuss what apples are, and their uses. 

Is it okay to eat an apple before bed?

It is totally safe to eat apples before bed. Though eating before going to bed is not recommended. This is because it reduces the rate of digestion and may lead to digestive problems in the future. 

Apples are classified to contain a high glycaemic index. These are foods that influence your blood sugar when consumed. They may pose a serious threat to people with cancer and sugar-related disorders. Though more research has to be done on these foods. 

What are the advantages of eating apples?

If eaten before bed they may help in improving the quality of sleep. This is because they contain large amounts of sugar which help in brain nourishment. The brain is able to relax and so is the body. 

Apples also help in raising blood sugar and can be used by diabetic people who often require it to boost blood sugar. This helps them in reducing un-comfortability and provides them with a good night’s sleep. 

Apples are also rich in various nutrients such as fiber, vitamins, potassium, and magnesium. These are vital nutrients in the body. They aid as antioxidants, and as electrolytes. 

What are the disadvantages of eating apples before bed?

Apples may cause a blood sugar spike, which may lead to blood pressure rising. This may be detrimental to high blood pressure and hypertension patients. 

Consuming any foods before bed may cause problems in the digestion process. This may later develop into diseases such as celiac disease and ulcers. It may also promote the development of colon cancer. 

Apples contain simple sugars that are catastrophic to the body’s metabolic state. This is because they induce insulin resistance and activate the growth hormone which later precursors tumor cell growth which may be cancerous.

What is the nutrient composition of apples?

Apples contain few calories ranging between 50-60kcal. They are rich in other elements as indicated in the table below.

Nutrient. Concentration. 
Fiber. 2.4g per 100g
Proteins. 0.3g per 100g
Fat. 0.2g per 100g
Carbohydrates. 13.8g per 100g
Sugar. 10.4 grams per 100g
Vitamins. 8% of the dietary value
Potassium 3% of the dietary value
Magnesium 1% of the dietary value

Apples contain fiber which is essential in promoting digestion and bowel movements. This reduces the chances of suffering from constipation. It also contains carbohydrates that act as a source of energy when consumed. 

The carbohydrates present are simple sugars such as glucose and fructose. Apples also contain vitamin C and magnesium which serve as antioxidants. They help the body in getting rid of free radicals that are precursor autoimmune diseases and inflammations.

What are apples?

Apples are the fruits of the Malus domestica also known as the apple tree. Apples are edible and are mostly used as snacks. They are rich in a variety of nutrients such as carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. 

They are mostly used to quench hunger periods especially if a meal is hours away. They are eaten as solo fruits or can be placed in salads with other fruits. Apple seeds are not eaten as they contain cyanide. 

Cyanide is oxidized when ingested to form hydrogen cyanide which in large amounts is poisonous and can easily cause death. 

What are the benefits of eating apples?

They are used as diet therapeutics. They help in managing weight loss and increased appetite. This is due to the presence of fiber and large amounts of water. They also contain polyphenols which have an anti-obesity factor. 

Apples help in lowering the risk of acquiring type 2 diabetes. This is due to the high number of polyphenols and antioxidants. These polyphenols and antioxidants help in improving heart health. 

Some of these compounds include quercetin and phloridzin. 

Apples contain quercetin which has antioxidant properties. This helps in improving the cognitive health of the brain due to less oxidative stress. This also increases the health of the vagus nerve that connects the gut and the brain. 


In this brief article, we have answered the questions: is it okay to eat apples before bed, what are the advantages and disadvantages of eating apples before bed, and what is the nutrient composition of an apple? We have also discussed what apples are, and their uses. 


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