Is ice cream good for dogs?

In this brief discussion, we’ll answer the question “Is ice cream good for dogs?” We will also discuss why ice cream is not good for dogs and if they are any dog-friendly alternatives to ice cream.

Is ice cream good for dogs?

No, ice cream is not good for dogs. Ice cream sounds like a great treat for dogs especially when it is hot outside but it can negatively affect your dog’s health in many ways. Ice cream contains dairy products which may be difficult to digest for some dogs.

On the other hand, some ice creams have a very high sugar content, which can harm dogs. Moreover, some ice cream flavours such as chocolate are toxic for dogs due to its theobromine content. Therefore, it is best to avoid giving ice cream to dogs.

Why is ice cream not good for dogs?

Ice cream seems like a harmless treat but it is not good for dogs. Even though dogs are able to eat ice cream, it doesn’t mean you should make it a part of their diet. Some of the reasons that make ice cream an unsuitable choice for dogs are given below:

It is difficult for dogs to digest

Ice cream is a dairy product which means it can cause digestion problems in dogs. Some dogs have a hard time digesting dairy products mainly due to the lack of enzyme lactase. 

In such cases, dogs can experience stomach issues including diarrhoea, constipation, stomach pain, vomiting, gas, nausea, cramps and bloating. Therefore, you should avoid giving ice cream to dogs especially if it has sensitive stomach that easily gets upset.

It has a high sugar content

Some ice creams are extremely sweet and can raise your dog’s blood sugar levels. This is very dangerous for diabetic dogs. Moreover, the high sugar content of ice cream can make dogs gain weight which can eventually lead to obesity in case of frequent consumption. 

Furthermore, high sugar levels in ice cream can cause dental issues in dogs. It can also upset your dog’s stomach. Therefore, ice cream is not an ideal treat for dogs.

It may contain toxic ingredients

Some ice creams contain artificial sweeteners such as xylitol instead of sugar. These artificial sweeteners are considered toxic for dogs and can harm their health. Excess consumption of ice cream containing xylitol can cause xylitol poisoning in dogs which can sometimes lead to fatal consequences.

 Moreover, some types of ice creams may contain raisins and chocolate chips. These ingredients are also considered poisonous for dogs. Consumption of such toxic ingredients can cause vomiting, diarrhoea, muscle tremors, hyperactivity and cardiac arrhythmia. 

Therefore, it is best to avoid feeding such ice creams to dogs.

It can trigger allergies in some dogs

Some dogs are allergic to proteins found in dairy products. Such dogs can suffer from mild to severe allergic reactions after eating ice cream. Dogs can experience vomiting, diarrhoea, itchiness, and rashes on the skin.

Therefore, it is important to be aware of your dog’s food allergies before giving anything to them. It is wise to avoid ice cream altogether because it can harm their health in certain ways.

Are there any alternatives to ice cream for dogs?

Yes, you can make homemade alternatives for dogs if you are looking for a cool and healthy treat. You can freeze some bananas along with some other fruits such as apples or pumpkins and blend them. You can also add some dog-friendly peanut butter to make it more flavorful.

You can also freeze applesauce or pumpkin puree in ice pop moulds and later give it to your dog as a treat. Ice cubes can also be given to dogs but make sure not to go overboard because it can cause brain freeze.


We answered  the question “Is ice cream good for dogs?” We also talked about why ice cream is not good for dogs and if they are any dog-friendly alternatives to ice cream.