Is diet more important than exercise?

In this article, we are going to discuss and answer the question “Is diet more important than exercise?”. I will discuss the benefits of diet and exercise, and I will provide some examples to support how both elements are equally important and related.

Is diet more important than exercise?

Diet and exercise are equally important. Both are important for the health benefits they provide. It is a controversial topic, some believe it is what you put in your body that causes weight loss or weight gain. Which is not far from the truth. 

Others believe that you can burn your way through food, by eating anything, you can go to the gym and burn away the excess calories. In fact, diet and exercise go hand in hand together. 

To achieve weight loss goals and improve your health, you got to improve your diet. Diets are important to manage lipid levels, and sugar levels, and to reduce the risk of certain diseases. Diabetes for example needs diet adjustments to keep the sugar levels in check.

Exercise might help burn fat and sugar, but if diabetics have too many carbs, their blood sugar would spike, and over time it will lead to many health issues. In this case, diet is more important. On the other hand, to improve your health and lose weight you need the extra help from the physical activity that it provides.

Even when you exercise you need a special diet that supports your health goals. Muscle-building exercises can not work alone without a diet that supports muscles by providing the essential protein to build the muscles.

What are the benefits of the exercise?

There is an 80 /20 that states that weight loss is caused by 80 percent diet and 20 percent exercise.  Exercise provides so many health benefits. Exercises allow you to burn fat more, and by burning more calories, you are increasing the metabolic rate, the rate at which you burn calories, which will lead to weight loss. 

Another point is physical activity increases the calories your body needs, and if you stay on the same calories you had before exercising, you will lose weight as well.  

Exercise is also important to regulate satiety and hunger by regulating hunger hormones. A cardio exercise burns a lot of calories per session which include jogging, running, or cycling. It also helps maintain your muscle mass and prevent muscle mass loss.

By losing excess weight, you reduce the risk of many metabolic disorders. Losing excess weight, the risk for obesity, weight gain, diabetes, hypertension, and heart diseases.

How does the diet help?

The diet is helpful as well. Without proper nutrition, you would put yourself at risk of many infections. Not eating enough nutrients would lead to deficiencies in vitamins and minerals. This lead to a compromise in the immune system, if not enough vitamin C is provided. 

Your bones might be weakened too, not having enough calcium intake would make your body need calcium. Thus your body will need calcium and take it from your bones and it will lead to the breakdown of bones and reducing in bone density. 

This reduction in the bone density leads to an increase in the risk of fractures. 

A well-balanced diet can also improve your heart health and health. A Mediterranean diet is a heart-healthy diet for example. A diet also is needed to manage some medical conditions. Diabetes needs well-balanced carbs in each meal that a diet provides. 

Type 1 diabetes need to balance the carbohydrates to the insulin ratio to keep the blood sugar balanced. Hypertension is a medical condition which is high blood pressure, which can affect heart health. Certain diet changes and diets for hypertension such as the DASH diet would improve the blood pressure.

Physical activity also needs a healthy diet. People who exercise with the goal of muscle building require good nutrition to achieve their muscle-building goals. Muscular people need more protein provided from their diets to build their muscles and support their bodies.

 The diet also provides energy that is necessary to carry out weight-lifting exercises, cardio exercises, or any type of exercise.  Also, a diet that is filled with processed food and fries will bring so many health issues, even when accompanied by exercise.


In this article, we discussed and answered the question “Is diet more important than exercise?”. I discussed the benefits of diet and exercise, and I will provide some examples to support how both elements are equally important and related.


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