Is cake bread?

In this brief article, we will answer the question, “Is cake bread?” and provide information on whether bread that does not contain yeast qualifies as bread, similarities between cake and bread, whether pastries can be called bread as well as deserts that can be called bread.

Is cake bread?

No, a cake is not bread. This is because bread is typically prepared from yeast but cake is not. Cakes are prepared using baking powder or baking soda which can help them to rise. As a result, yeast required for rising bread is not required for cakes.

Besides, traditionally, cakes contain more calories than bread and are way sweeter than bread. Certain cakes also come in layers whereas bread does not have layers. Traditional bread is prepared only using flour whereas a cake can contain a lot more ingredients than bread.

Can bread that does not contain yeast still be called bread?

If the bread does not contain yeast, it would not be called bread. It can be called a cake in such instances. Bread uses yeast for the purpose of proofing and it requires a little bit of time to rise.

A proofing basket or an oven can help in rising the bread. A quick bread can rise using baking powder or soda but technically it is not bread as yeast is not used.

What are some similarities between cake and bread?

Both cake and bread are prepared using flour. Similar to bread, the cake can be baked in a loaf pan too.

Both bread and cakes can be sweet. However, cakes can rarely be savory though some bread is savory.

Certain bread is prepared using milk, sugar, butter, and eggs. This can make them look like cakes. For instance, brioche, babka, and challah are examples of enriched bread.

Bread and cakes are both usually baked in the oven which can be another similarity between the two.

Which bread can taste like cakes?

Though bread cannot be cakes and vice versa, certain bread can have a flavor similar to cakes. Let us look at a few of them as given below:

  • Brioche is a bread that is prepared after mixing butter and eggs. Sugar is added to them to give a yummy texture and flavor. Yeast is added to Brioche and it is then proofed in the fridge. This makes it a bread with the flavor of a cake!
  • Panettone can appear like Brioche but additional ingredients like raisins, cherries, and orange zest can be added to them. 

The raisins are soaked in rum before they are mixed with the batter. Apart from this, sugar, eggs, and butter are also added. The yeast dough has to be kept for 2-3 days in the fridge to rise.

  • Babka is a bread that is prepared from a dough containing yeast. The dough also contains sugar, eggs, butter, and chocolate. Sometimes, cinnamon can also be added to them.
  • Challah is made from sugary yeast dough. It is particularly popular in Jewish cuisine and consumed during Jewish holidays. Dried fruits or other sweetening items can be added to this bread to make them sweeter.
  • Bara Brith is a bread prepared from yeast dough. However, it also contains dry fruits, spices, and candied orange peel. This bread can have a flavor similar to coffee. As a result, some might feel that it resembles a coffee cake.

Certain bread can be called cake. For instance, Almond yeast cake can be an example. However, if there is yeast used for preparation, it is actually a bread that mimics the properties of a cake.

Can pastries be called bread?

No, pastries cannot be called bread. This is because pastries are prepared after mixing water, fat, and flour. Fats that are typically used for making pastries include butter, lard, or some form of shortening.

Certain pastry recipes can also use sugar and eggs. However, there is no yeast used. As a result, even though some pastries can look similar to bread, they can still not be called bread. 

However, certain pastries like cinnamon rolls are prepared using yeast. This is technically bread but is called a pastry.

Which deserts can be called bread?

Sweet buns and rolls can be called bread. Some buns like hot cross buns, honey buns, Belgian buns, and saffron buns are made using a dough that contains yeast.

Apart from this, to make this bread taste sweeter, ingredients like eggs, milk, sugar, butter, dried fruits, chocolate, and honey can also be added.


In this brief article, we have answered the question, “Is cake bread?” and provided information on whether bread that does not contain yeast qualifies as bread, similarities between cake and bread, whether pastries can be called bread as well as deserts that can be called bread.


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