In this brief article we will provide an answer to the question: if I exercise more, can I eat more? We will also explore the importance of exercise, the different exercises, and their core improvements, and also how to reap gains from exercises. 

If I exercise more, can I eat more?

You can, although it’s not recommended. This is because it negates the importance of exercise. Exercises are used to burn calories and are sometimes overestimated, thus one can burn a lower number of calories than one actually eats. 

It is recommended in building a diet with fewer calories to maximize gains from exercise. Proteins are essential in this process as they help in repairing muscles fast and efficiently. If you end up eating more that may lead to excess weight gain and even excess fat in the body. 

If you are planning to exercise more consult a nutritionist/dietician to provide you with a healthy diet to maximize exercise gain. 

What is the importance of exercise?

Exercise helps in improving cardiovascular activity. If done from an early age, exercise improves blood flow and reduces the risk of heart disease in the latter days of life. Exercise also improves body form and stamina. 

Exercises like running, and strength training improve one’s body form and stamina. This is by increased blood flow, good metabolism, good breathing rhythm, and reduced body fat. 

Exercises also promote good health. This is by improved oxygen flow in the body due to an efficient cardiovascular system. A good exercise routine also helps in controlling your weight by reducing calories and through dietary changes. 

Exercises also promote good hormonal working levels, for example in males it improves the levels of testosterone thus promoting spermatogenesis. In ladies, it helps in reducing depression and enhances dopamine circulation. It also helps in improving pelvic muscle flexibility and reduces labor pains. 

What are the different types of exercises and their core strengths?

There are several workouts that help improve the different aspects of the body. They are:

Strength training

Strength training is also called bodybuilding and is the most common. It involves weight lifting and high-intensity workouts. It calls for 2-4 days a week lifting weights with breaks in between to promote muscle growth. 

Aerobics training

It involves stretching, cardio exercises, and bits of weight lifting. It is aimed at weight loss and improving cardiovascular health. It is also used as a pre-workout for bodybuilders. 

Aesthetics training

It is common in athletics. It helps to improve stamina, endurance, and strength. It involves weight lifting, stretching, cardio exercises, and gymnastics. 

Cardio exercises

These exercises are used to improve blood flow. They include running, walking, steps, stretching, and other dietary changes. They are used to restore health to obese people and others struggling with weight loss.

How do I gain benefits fast from exercises?

High protein intake is recommended except for people who are taking cardio exercises until they get lean. Proteins provide essential elements that aid in muscle repair and enhance muscle growth. 

Fasting. This is the most underrated practice that makes you able to make body gains. The body is self-sustaining, not eating helps the body in cleaning out itself and practicing autophagy. 

Autophagy helps the body by getting rid of damaged cells and replacing them, it also helps in body fat reduction as it is used in providing energy in the body, and it also helps improve body stamina and endurance. 

Good diet. Diet provides the body with enough nutrition needed. This is only sorted out by a dietician who provides a detailed diet according to your workout and medical condition. 


In this brief article, we have provided an answer to the question: if I exercise more, can I eat more? We have also explored the importance of exercise, the different exercises, and their core improvements, and also how to reap gains from exercises.








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