How to spice up spaghetti?

In this brief guide, we will answer the query, “How to spice up spaghetti?”. We will also discuss the different ways of spicing up your spaghetti. Moreover, we will also talk about how we can spice up our spaghetti sauce as well.

How to spice up spaghetti?

You can use ingredients like Marinara, Pesto, Creamy sauce, Hot sauce to spice up spaghetti. You can make different kinds of spaghetti with different toppings and flavors. 

There are actually endless combinations that can be used while preparing spaghettis, you will never know which ones are according to your taste if you never try new ideas. 

Here are some ingredients you can add to your spaghetti:


No matter how many new flavors you try, nothing beats the classic Italian Marinara sauce. This is probably the most popular spaghetti combination. Although every marinara sauce will be different depending on what spices or herbs you use, every marinara sauce will have these ingredients for the base: tomatoes, oregano, onions, basil, and garlic.  

The taste of your spaghetti highly depends on how your marina turned out. So make some extra efforts while making your marinara sauce. 


Pesto is a delicious topping that can be prepared by combining basil leaves, olive oil, garlic cloves, and pine nuts with parmesan cheese. What’s even better than adding individual herbs and spices is combining all of your favorite flavors and adding them to your spaghetti. \

Pesto and spaghetti are undeniably the best combinations you’ll ever have. Both pesto and marinara are two of the most popular sauces for spaghetti.

Creamy sauce

A good spaghetti is incomplete without some creamy sauce. Alfredo and vodka cream sauces is another classic spaghetti combination. This sauce consists of lots of butter, heavy cream, cheese, herbs like fresh oregano and basil, and some spinach as well. 

For the pink sauce, onion, tomato, and vodka are combined with butter and cream. Vodka cream sauces are more on the spicy side while alfredo sauce is milder in terms of heat. You can choose either one depending on how spicy you like your spaghetti sauce.

Hot sauce

Hot sauce can be a great addition to your pasta if you’re into spicy foods. This can be an unpopular choice but can be done. Plain spaghetti can be very mild, so adding hot sauce to your normal sauce will give them the missing flavors with some heat and acidity. 

Add extra cheese

Cheese and spaghetti always make a pretty good combo. Adding extra cheese to your spaghetti can never go wrong. Of course, if you don’t like cheese it’s a different story, but any cheese lover won’t mind some extra cheesy layers in their spaghetti. Adding extra cheese to your sauce is also a great way to thicken your broth and give it a creamy texture. 

Add vegetables

Some people love to add a lot of veggies to their spaghetti while some don’t. It’s your choice, but adding vegetables to your spaghetti will not only increase its portions but also give it a more healthy touch. 

You can use vegetables like squash, zucchini, bell peppers, onion, and asparagus. You can just marinate them and grill or barbeque them separately and add the veggies of your choice to your spaghetti. This way, you can easily add some flavorful veggies to a bland spaghetti.

How can we spice up our spaghetti sauce?

Whether you buy some canned spaghetti sauce for your pasta or make some at home, here are some ingredients that can instantly spice up your sauce. Let us discuss some of them here:

Fresh garlic

Adding some minced garlic to your spaghetti sauce can change its entire flavor. When you roast the garlic coles, the texture and flavor change significantly, resulting in a mild and nutty flavor which can be used in the spaghetti sauce to create a creamy texture.

Red pepper flakes

Red pepper flakes are dried and crushed red chili peppers that can be used to add some heat to your recipes. You can sprinkle some red pepper flakes on top of the spaghetti sauce for some extra spice and flavors.


Oregano has a sweet, earthy, and slightly peppery taste that helps to enhance the flavors of any sauce. You can add some oregano to your sauce to give it some Italian touch.


This versatile herb has a combination of sweet and savory flavors, with undertones of mint, anise, and pepper that go well in sauces. You can add some basil to your spaghetti sauce for some extra flavors and a delicate aroma.

For a flavorful homemade spaghetti sauce, find the recipe here.


In this brief guide, we have answered the query, “How can we spice up spaghetti?”. We have also discussed the different ways of spicing up your spaghetti. Moreover, we have also talked about how we can spice up our spaghetti sauce as well.


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