How to secure bananas from fruit flies? (+5 Ways to keep fruit flies away)


In this blog, we are going to address, “How to secure bananas from fruit flies”. Find out the different ways to protect bananas from fruit flies.


Can we secure bananas from fruit flies?


Yes, we can secure bananas from fruit flies by keeping a few things in mind while bringing the fruits from the market and while storing them at home.


What are fruit flies?


Fruit flies belong to the Drosophila family. They are one of the smallest amongst the flies and can sense food with an extraordinary sense of smell. Their size ranges from 2 to 4 millimeters long. Because of their size, they can easily move from one place to another. They feed on decomposed organic matter, market fruits, and vegetables, untidy environmental conditions. Ultimately leading to severe health problems for human beings as they can easily transport harmful germs and bacteria.


 How do the fruit flies enter the house?


As, we all know, fruit flies just do not enter a house. It makes its way to enter the house through the doors and windows or through the drainage system, for a purpose. Moreover, since we are talking about fruits, the flies can also hitch a ride on the fruits that are being brought from the outside environment.  Also once it gets the chance to enter the house, it can easily get attracted to the rotting bananas that produce alcohol. Leading to the production of hundreds of eggs within few hours.


How to keep fruit flies away from bananas?


Measures that can be tried at home to keep fruit flies away:

  • Wash the bananas


Bananas should be washed off as soon as they are brought home from the market. Many people prefer washing just before having it to clean any dirt, microorganisms, or pesticides. But, as we all know, “Prevention is better than cure” therefore right after bringing the bananas home, they should be washed. Also after washing it should be dried properly.


  • Keep the house clean and dry


Another important factor is to keep the house clean and dry. Flies often tend to get attracted to the moist environment, rotten fruits, and vegetables. Therefore, not only fruit flies but other insects and flies can also be kept away from the house if it is cleaned regularly. Sweeping and mopping, using disinfectants on surfaces, clean the household utensils regularly, keep the sinks and dishes clean are some clear ways to keep any kinds of flies away.


  • Removal of garbage timely


Dustbins should be kept covered and emptied frequently with intervals. Through this way, flies can be easily restrained from entering the house.


  • Keep the bananas in the refrigerator or freezer


Well, the climatic conditions also imply an effective factor because flies mostly avoid a cold environment. They like a warm environment. Hence by keeping the bananas in the freezer or refrigerator flies can be kept away from them. But, it is to be noted that, in the cold environment the bananas will rise less quickly. Therefore it is preferable to move the half ripen bananas into the freezer so that they can be eaten on time before it ferments.


  • Cover the bananas fully or partially


Another recommended way to keep the flies away is by keeping the bananas inside paper bags or closed containers. But the demerit is that through this method the bananas will be ripening faster. Therefore, it is not usually recommended. But on the contrary, half of the fruit i.e. the stem part should be either wrapped with paper or aluminum foil. This might prove to be an effective way to keep flies away.


  • Apple Cider Vinegar


Put an open container near the kitchen or dustbin area. Add few drops of apple cider vinegar and a few drops of dish soap and wrap the container with a cellophane sheet or plastic. Put a rubber around in order to make cellophane stay. Poke a few holes with a toothpick. The size of the holes should neither be bigger nor smaller. Allow the fruit flies to land on top and crawl through the holes to get to the apple cider vinegar. Because they get attracted to the sweet smell. Eventually, they will die, since they would not get enough space to escape. This method has been found to be effective for a small number of fruit flies.




By following the above-mentioned steps, fruit flies can be easily restricted from entering the house and reaching out to different edibles. It is always recommended to keep the surroundings clean to stay not only away from fruit flies but also from other harmful insects or flies. Therefore, if you love having bananas regularly better bring them in small quantity, and have them fresh. Instead of storing for a longer period of time.

Follow up with the following steps and keep enjoying healthy and yummy bananas. Stay fresh, stay safe!







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