How to protect strawberries from slugs?

In this short article, we will provide an answer to the question “how to protect strawberries from slugs?” and the techniques to get rid of slugs.

How to protect strawberries from slugs?

Slugs are more likely to infest strawberry fruits that have small, deep holes under their caps, which indicate that the fruit has been damaged. To keep slugs away from your strawberries, simply follow these five simple steps:

  • Remove any leaves, mulch, or other plant waste from the area around your strawberry plant, which should be clear of leaves, debris, or other plant waste.
  • Slugs can be prevented by watering the area less frequently but more thoroughly.
  • A board can be used to catch slugs and other critters. After getting lodged in the board at night, make sure to remove any trapped slugs off the board first thing in the morning every day. Because they are persistent, they will return the following night and devour your strawberries if you do not remove them from the area.
  • Create a circle of citrus rind traps around the base of the strawberry plant, using lemon, orange, or lime rinds as filler. Slugs will be drawn to the citrus, which you can then dispose of when they have been attracted to it.
  • To create a dry barrier, diatomaceous earth (DE), a fine powder generated by sharp sea organisms, should be spread on the ground. The fact that they have an irritant on their skin means that they will not be able to pass through the barrier.

Slugs cause what kind of damage to strawberries?

Especially when strawberries are mature, they are more susceptible to the damage caused by slugs, which puncture the fruit to gain access to the inside. Because of the existence of these holes, the strawberry fruit is rendered inedible. This puts the strawberry fruit in danger of being attacked by secondary pests as a result of the situation (such beetles, sowbugs, and bud weevils).

Along with devouring the vegetation, slugs cause ragged holes in the leaves of the strawberry plants as a result of their activity. Little slugs create pitting noises on the leaf’s surface as they move about.

Is there a way to tell whether you have slugs in your yard without digging around?

Because of their nocturnal behavior, slugs can be incredibly difficult to locate and identify. When determining whether or not slugs are present in your garden, traps can be of use. Since slugs are known to like hiding in dark places, anything that is gloomy will serve as a trap. 

The following are included:

  • Field boards were built to mark the playing field.
  • the beer is served in glasses or bowls
  • Making a soil amendment with a mixture of yeast and sugar
  • You can get rid of slugs the next morning after setting up these traps. Slugs are attracted to light.

What is the most effective method of removing slugs from the garden?

During the maturation process, slugs wreak havoc on the strawberries, rendering them ineffective. An individual who devotes significant time and effort to the cultivation of strawberries only to see them fail is tremendously dissatisfied. Because of this, there are several options for getting rid of slugs, including the following:


Exclusion is one of the most often used methods of controlling slugs. Commercial copper slug barriers have the potential to be incredibly successful if they are used properly. Because the slug makes its slime, copper has the potential to induce the slug to become irritated and retreat from the protective barrier. Diatomaceous earth and wood ashes can also be utilized as barriers in dry environments, but once they become wet, they lose their effectiveness as a barrier. The use of 1 inch high and 3 inch broad heaps of such abrasives will improve your strawberry plants’ growth.


Traps must be updated regularly to be effective, and slugs must not be allowed to remain in the traps for an extended time. It is possible to make a trap out of a pie dish or other long, shallow container; however, the rim of the container should be level with the ground when it is buried. 

Commercial traps are also available for purchase. Take a few minutes to allow the mixture to settle before sipping on it. It is anticipated that slugs lured to the smell of fermentation will be attracted to the trap and drowned in the bait.


The deadly nature of many slug baits makes them a contentious topic among people. Slug Baits made of iron phosphate, are harmless to humans and other animals other than slugs and snails. By scattering the baits on the plants and slime trails, you can entice them to eat them. After a few days, keep an eye out for evidence of slug activity in the garden at night.

 No of how long they continue to move, they will eventually become unable to feed. Iron phosphate can take several days to completely eradicate slugs in some situations. It is recommended that you replace your bait at least once a week or whenever it rains.


In this short article, we provided an answer to the question “how to protect strawberries from slugs?” and the techniques to get rid of slugs.


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