How to get free food?

In this brief blog we will address the query,”How to get free food?” We will look at various methods that you can use to get yourself some free food and also great discounts and bargains.

How to get free food?

There are various ways that you can use to get some free food or basically food at a cheap price and these range from making use of supermarkets cash back apps to searching for food waste supermarkets. Let us take a look at some of them.

Supermarket cashback apps

Supermarket cashback apps are not always a guarantee for getting free food. But at times, they do have some nice freebies in some apps, they also come with some great discounts which can make you great savings.

And the great thing is all you are required to do is just download the apps and sign up. You need to keep an eye on the eligibility criteria and also the supermarkets that are taking part. Once you have purchased the product(s) scan the receipt and you will get some of your cash back.

As previously mentioned, you will not get 100 percent of your cash back but you can get great savings of upto 50 percent which is amazing.

Sign up to restaurant newsletters and apps

We all know that those mail notifications from restaurants and fast food joints can be a nuisance. But yet again there are many restaurants and fast food joints that usually offer free goodies once you download their mobile apps or simply sign up to their newsletters. Some good examples are Greggs and KFC

Other fast food chains are usually a bit irregular with their free giveaways such as Subway which at times gives its Subcard holders some free cookies, sandwiches and other treats for a variety of reasons such as National sandwich day.

McDonald’s also does some freebies on its app. They have at times given away some fries and McMuffins to their app users. They also at times have massive discounts on select food items.

Search for food waste supermarkets

Food waste supermarkets usually have an agreed deal with major supermarkets and also restaurants to pick up any food that doesn’t meet their criteria. However these foods are usually perfectly edible and are usually donated to the food waste supermarkets warehouses.

This ensures that a lot of food goes from being wasted. One good example is the Real Junk Food Project which has a lot of warehouses in the UK. They usually have a flexible policy of “Pay as you feel’

This means that you can pay for the food by donation or by doing some volunteering work in the warehouse in exchange for the purchases. 

Become a mystery diner

There are certain restaurants that actually pay diners so that they can collect feedback on the standards of their food as well as the general experience of dining at the restaurant.

All you require is to sign up to an agency and wait for them to give you an assignment of dining at a restaurant and all you will be required is to do a report on your dining experience.

These agencies get paid by the owners of the establishments and the agency in turn pays you through the free food and dining experience. 

Use zero-waste apps to find free food near you

Most of us have been in situations where we purchased more food stuff than we actually require, be it fruits or veggies. Due to these situations, some companies tapped into the idea of helping such people get rid of the excess food items for free.

One such app is known as Olio. What is available is largely dependent on what people in the area have and this ranges from raw ingredients to leftovers of cooked meals. Olio can at times request for small donations to charity as payments and at times they are freebies.

Another app known as Too Good To Go  allows restaurants and cafes to sell any excess stock of food items they have at a low and reduced price. You can use the app to get yourself a great bargain.


In this brief blog we have addressed the query,”How to get free food?” We have looked at various methods that you can use to get yourself some free food and also great discounts and bargains.


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