How to get a dog with pneumonia to eat?

In this brief discussion, we will answer the question “How to get a dog with pneumonia to eat?” We will also discuss ways to get a dog to eat and how long it would take to recover.

How to get a dog with pneumonia to eat?

Despite their frequent reluctance to eat, dogs with pneumonia need to eat well to aid in their recovery. A pet may be persuaded to eat by employing strategies like reheating the food and providing extra, pungent canned or baby food. Additionally, there are medicines that increase their hunger. A feeding tube may be inserted in extreme circumstances.

You can attempt a number of various approaches to get your dog to eat. The approach that works the best for your dog will vary. If the first approach doesn’t work, try different ones again until you find one that benefits both you and your dog.

How long can a dog go without eating?

The first thing to do if your dog won’t eat is to give them some time. Dogs are able to go several days without eating. Make sure that they are drinking water only. Now and then, a dog will decline a meal. 

Dogs, like us, don’t always have a hunger pang. Leaving your dog’s food out all day so they may nibble on it when they get hungry is a good idea. When dogs are sick, their appetite usually decreases.

Can we give dogs human food in an attempt to get them to eat?

Yes, you can try giving a dog some human food as a treat to develop their taste and hunger and get them to eat their food. You might try giving your dog food they don’t usually get if they haven’t been feeling well. 

Your dog might actually eat something if it finds human food irresistible, such as chicken or even baby food. To start, try offering them a small bit of human food to see if they will eat it. If not, try a little more.

To encourage them to consume their regular diet in addition to the treat, mix this with their current dry food. Just be careful not to overfeed your dog as this could be bad for their health.

How long does it take dogs to recover from pneumonia and feel normal again?

The recovery of your pet’s lungs after a case of pneumonia will take roughly two to three weeks, regardless of whether they were hospitalised or were able to receive treatment at home. 

Your veterinarian will prescribe medicines for your pet during this healing period and will give you instructions on how much exercise your pet should get. 

Even though your pet appears to be improving on the surface, it’s still crucial to adhere to your veterinarian’s recommendations. If given the opportunity to exercise, your pet can get very short of breath or have extreme difficulties breathing. 

Your veterinarian will advise you to visit the clinic again for another set of X-rays when the healing time is over. Your pet will be given antibiotics if these X-rays demonstrate that pneumonia has improved.

Is it okay to force-feed a dog?

Yes, force-feeding a dog might be a good idea if they are completely refusing to eat their meals. After being force-fed a little amount of wet food, some dogs start eating on their own. 

Consult your veterinarian to find out if force-feeding is advised in your situation and how to do it properly for your pet. If force-feeding is done wrong, pets may suffocate or aspirate food into their lungs.

What to do if force-feeding does not work either?

Does it seem like the dog’s condition is getting worse and is refusing food entirely? In a case like this, you might be asked to hospitalise the dog. Hospitalisation is necessary for dogs with moderate-to-severe pneumonia and a feeding tube might be used to aid in eating.

These dogs are not consuming food or liquids, are lethargic, and may not be breathing properly. Pets who have trouble breathing will need to be put on oxygen until their breathing becomes better.

The average hospital stay for a pet is two to three days, although critically ill animals frequently require stays of five to seven days. If a pet is hospitalised for more than two to three days and isn’t eating, a feeding tube will be needed to provide nutrition.

Can other dogs catch pneumonia from one sick dog?

It is possible for other animals to contract pneumonia brought on by a virus or bacteria (but not humans). Aspiration, irritation, or trauma-induced pneumonia that has inflammation but no infection is not spreadable. 

However, the potential for an illness to spread exists constantly. If a dog has pneumonia, it is recommended to keep it separated and away from other animals for its safety.


We answered the question “How to get a dog with pneumonia to eat?” We also talked about ways to get a dog to eat and how long it would take to recover.