How to get a cat to eat after tooth extraction?

Has your feline got its tooth removed? Then it’s quite a difficult time for you both. This article will help you know ” How to get a cat to eat after tooth extraction?”. We will also discuss how you can help your cat heal its tooth and what kind of food you should feed it after tooth extraction.

How to get a cat to eat after tooth extraction?

As humans, cats, too, need some time to heal and throw their pain away after getting their teeth removed. And it is quite normal for cats to lose their appetite after a few hours of tooth removal. But here are some of the tips through which you can encourage your cat to eat after getting through the dental surgery:

Liquid food:

Do not feed dry cat food instantly after tooth removal. It needs chewing and can induce more pain in your cat’s gums. It is better to give them soupy or canned wet food, which is relatively easy to eat and chew.

You can soften the dry food by adding hot water and leaving it for some time. Once it is soft enough, you can mash it well and serve it to your cat. Rough food can hurt stitches in your cat’s mouth.

Pain relieving medicine:

When your cat is in pain, it quits eating before anything. Make sure your cat gets its analgesic medication to lessen its pain. This way, your cat will be better able to eat. 

Serve them a flavourful meal:

Sometimes the medications disturb your cat’s taste and smell sense. You can help your furry by providing more appealing, delicious food. Even a few drops of fish oil will do the job here. It will encourage your cat to eat.

Rehydrate your cat:

Along with focusing your cat on eating, try encouraging your cat to drink more water. You can also serve plain chicken broth to your cat; it can help your cat regain strength and rehydrate it.

Hand feed your cat:

Hand feed your cat if it is not eating from its bowl. Put some food in your hand and let your cat sniff, lick and eat it. But keep in mind that if you continue to hand feed your cat, it might depend on you.

You can also use the needleless syringe to feed your soupy food. But be careful while doing this because you might hurt your cat’s gums from where the tooth has been extracted.

Accessible to cat:

Place the food and water bowl near your cat where it likes to sit or eat. So your floof can eat it anytime they want. Don’t put the soft food in the bowl for too long; it gets soiled easily.

Human food:

Cats are often attracted to many human foods but ensure it is safe for cats. Also, make sure that it is safe for your cat. 

How can you help your cat in healing its tooth?

Here are some of the tips you can follow to help your cat:

  • Give soft food to your cat for at least a week. Dry and hard food might cause pain in your cat’s gums after dental surgery.
  • Make sure that your feline is taking it’s all the medication on time. If your cat does not take a pill, you can mix it with some cat’s favourite food, like wet food or cover it in a treat and feed it. Most tablets work to relieve pain for 48 hours.
  • Do not brush your cat’s teeth until after two weeks of surgery. It can hurt the stitches of your cat, followed by an open unhealed cavity that can cause infection. 
  • Take crucial care of your cat during its period of recovery. 
  • Give your cat soft dental treats.
  • Keep your cat in strict observation until it recovers completely.

What kind of food should you feed your cat after tooth extraction?

You should keep feeding your soft food. Mix the food with broth. You can give your cat dental treats along with canned or wet food. You can also give kitten milk replacer to your cat as it is nutritious, easy to drink, and the cat’s favourite.

You can also feed your cat plain boiled meat like chicken or fish. And do not give any hard or chewing treats to your cat. Always remember that the softer the dirt your cat will eat, the sooner it will recover.


This article discussed “How to get a cat to eat after tooth extraction?”. We also entertained you with some facts regarding how you can help your cat heal its tooth and what kind of food you should feed your cat after tooth extraction.

We wish your furry friend a remarkable recovery!


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